Originally created 09/22/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

A RANT TO MANY Richmond County parents. I am a middle school teacher in Richmond County. Your child cannot read and write, and he doesn't know basic multiplication facts because you haven't set high standards for your children. You haven't trained them on the proper way to behave in public and in the classroom. You allow disruptive behavior and unexcused absences to continue without consequences. Look in your mirror if you want to blame someone for a school being on the needs improvement list. Parents, you need to wake up and expect more from your children; you just might get it.

I DON'T THINK WE should forget about the Hope scholarship. I think those children deserve it for as long as they continue with their good grades, but I do think we can forget about the free baby-sitting as far as pre-K is concerned. I think we need to save money and just drop that.

I THINK IT'S pretty sad when a Richmond County child cannot wear an American flag on his shirt to school. What is Richmond County and America coming to? Communism, I suppose.

CHIEF JUSTICE ROY MOORE lost? No way. He will never be a loser because he is standing up for what is right. If he had given in and moved the stone himself he would have compromised his convictions. What good are our convictions if we do not make a stand?

THE AMERICAN BAR Association should check out all the crooked lawyers in Augusta.

I AGREE WITH the person about the Richmond County schools not observing 9/11. Most of the schools in Columbia County did not observe 9/11, either. My child goes to Martinez Elementary and they had Patriotic Day. Yet, most of the teachers that I saw when I picked my child up weren't even wearing red, white and blue. I think they should have taken time to honor those that we lost during that time.

HOW CAN AUGUSTA call itself the Garden City when there is obviously a complete lack of regard for the landscaped areas downtown and in the Hill section? Annual beds are overrun with grass and without flowers. The weeds on Central Avenue and Henry Street are taller than the azaleas. The city needs to find someone competent to run the department or privatize the service. Until then, "Weed City" would be a more appropriate title.


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