Originally created 09/22/03

Columnists give false hope for eternal salvation

Regarding the God Squad column Sept. 13, "Never believe it's too late for salvation": I must say that the weekly barrage of half-truths and outright lies is overwhelming.

In this age of "all roads lead to heaven," Marc Gellman and Tom Hartman are leading people into a false hope of eternal salvation. By saying that "We set our lives right and then religion helps free us from the guilt and sin of wrongdoing," they are dead wrong.

The only real freedom from sin and death is in believing by faith that the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ will cleanse us from all sin. It is his own righteousness he gives to us that makes us fit for heaven, not our own.

They state, "For those of other faiths, this cleansing comes in other ways, but the effect is the same."

This begs the question, why would God come to Earth in the flesh ... and suffer the torture of a Roman cross for us, if all these "other ways" were just as effective at removing the penalty of sin? The answer is, because there is no other way. Jesus Christ's death and resurrection has made for us the only way.

I challenge readers of your paper not to take my word or the word of the God Squad, but let the word of God speak. Read the Bible yourself.

Wayne Jackson, Evans, Ga.


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