Originally created 09/22/03

Liberals rewriting Founding Fathers' intentions

Once again the liberal press and liberal lawyers have conspired to rewrite history and continue to try to convince us that "separation of church and state" was even mentioned in the Constitution.

The truth is that the Constitution is really quite clear that Congress "shall make no laws" regarding religion. The first time the phrase "separation of" was used was by the Supreme Court in ruling that they had no jurisdiction to interfere in any states' decisions as to religion.

Keep trying to tell us what the Founding Fathers meant; but get a clue that they were Christians first and politicians last. Anything ever written by Thomas Jefferson and the others reinforce their belief and faith in God, and their desire to continue with Christian beliefs, dogma and actions.

Maybe the liberal press will have liberal lawyers on Judgment Day, and Christians will have Jesus as their attorney. In God we trust.

Bob Burns, Waynesboro, Ga.


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