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NFL power rankings

Every week during the NFL season, the Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will break down the rankings of all 32 NFL teams and why they're ranked where they are.


1./Buffalo Bills/2

Big test against Miami tonight

2./Indianapolis Colts/4

Going for first 3-0 start since 1996

3./Kansas City Chiefs/10

No. 1 rushing defense in the league

4./Denver Broncos/8

Injuries didn't slow them last week

5./Carolina Panthers/16

Stephen Davis suits them perfectly

6./Tampa Bay Buccaneers/1

Are they the No. 2 defense in the league now?

7./Minnesota Vikings/11

Daunte Culpepper has been revitalized

8./Miami Dolphins/15

Giving Ricky Williams the ball does wonders

9./Washington Redskins/19

Spurrier always finds a good quarterback

10./Pittsburgh Steelers/6

Have to find their running game

11./St. Louis Rams/13

One win made a bleak situation hopeful

12./San Francisco 49ers/12

Can't afford injuries to Jeff Garcia, Terrell Owens

13./Seattle Seahawks/20

Defense is +10 in turnover differential

14./N.Y. Giants/5

Horrible loss on Monday night to Dallas

15./Tennessee Titans/3

What has happened to Eddie George?

16./New England Patriots/17

0-2 start would've been disastrous

17./Atlanta Falcons/9

What happened to that promising defense?

18./Green Bay Packers/18

They beat a bad Detroit team, now they get an even worse Arizona squad

19./Oakland Raiders/14

They barely beat the Bengals

20./New Orleans Saints/21

Is beating Houston considered a good win?

21./Philadelphia Eagles/7

What has happened to Donovan McNabb?

22./Baltimore Ravens/26

Jamal Lewis gets the worst run defense in the league today

23./Dallas Cowboys/29

Secret weapon: Billy Cundiff

24./San Diego Chargers/24

Think they miss Junior Seau?

25./Jacksonville Jaguars/22

Byron Leftwich is warming up

26./Cleveland Browns/23

They feel like the chicken who didn't quite make it across the road

27./Detroit Lions/25

Told you not to get too excited

28./N.Y. Jets/28

You know it's bad when they lose to Miami in New York

29./Houston Texans/27

0-2 following opening day

30./Cincinnati Bengals/30

Almost got Marvin Lewis his first win

31./Chicago Bears/32

Played valiantly against Minnesota

32./Arizona Cardinals/31

One word for Dave McGinnis: HELP!


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