Originally created 09/21/03

Raps reporter for slanting story, misquoting

Your reporter's refusal to apologize warrants this rebuttal from me.

In commenting on Jim Nesbitt's Aug. 17 article, "Crisis boosts tuition," I refused to speak negatively concerning the rising cost of tuition, although it was apparent by his leading questions that Mr. Nesbitt wanted me to do so.

I was shocked to read that Mr. Nesbitt had depicted our family as being destitute and complaining about the very institution that we support.

As business owners, we recognize that the cost of operating a business continues to increase almost daily. Shouldn't we expect a school to operate as a business?

In fact, we appreciate measures on behalf of the University of South Carolina to be as efficient as possible. As an educator, I would be the last person to ever criticize an institution for needing to raise tuition. Education is a priceless gift that should not be measured by the dollar.

Mr. Nesbitt misquoted me in this article. In speaking, I refrain from using such slang expressions as "busting a budget" and "taking a hit." He completely misrepresented our telephone conversation.

This newspaper has violated those things that I value most. My husband, Barry, and I feel blessed and privileged to provide an education for our children. It has never been a burden to us. It is truly our honor and pleasure to provide them with one of the most important tools for their success in life.

I urge Augusta Chronicle subscribers to be very critical of what they are reading.

Brenda Buchanan, Aiken, S.C.


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