Originally created 09/21/03

Coroner: No link between deaths of pizza deliveryman, co-worker

ERIE, Pa. -- The deaths of a pizza deliveryman killed by a bomb locked to his chest and a co-worker three days later were not related, the coroner's office said Friday.

The co-worker, Robert Pinetti, 43, died of an accidental prescription drug overdose. Chief deputy coroner Korac Timon said Pinetti had a history of substance abuse and tests showed methadone and anti-anxiety drugs in his body.

Pinetti was found dead at his home Aug. 31, three days after 46-year-old Brian Wells died after robbing a bank near Erie. Before he died, Wells told police he had been forced to rob a PNC Bank branch by someone who had locked a bomb to his body.

Police found no connection between the deaths at the time, but authorities sent a bomb squad to search Pinetti's home as a precaution.

The FBI leads a task force investigating Wells' death.


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