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Five Questions With Wendy Williams

NEW YORK -- Her teased-out, caramel-colored hair is huge. Likewise, her size-11, rhinestone-encrusted sandals. But outrageous radio personality Wendy Williams says there's one part of her that dwarfs everything else - her mouth.

Her contentious interview earlier this year with Whitney Houston - she described the singer's breast implants as looking like "two baseballs on a stick" - landed in gossip pages across the country.

Williams has made a name for herself as a brash interviewer who loves dishing dirt on celebrities on her afternoon drive-time radio show, "The Wendy Williams Experience," a popular gabfest on New York's WBLS-FM.

She's also the host of a series of interview specials on VH1's "Wendy Williams Is on Fire," and has a syndicated radio entertainment report, "On the Down Low," which airs in Philadelphia, Kentucky and Texas.

But Williams, who says she's over 35 and under 40, has had her own scandals. Much personal drama is detailed in her new memoir, "Wendy's Got the Heat: The Queen of Radio Bares All" (Atria Books).

She writes about her years of cocaine addiction, her own double-D breast implants and New York radio station WQHT-FM, where she clashed with management after posting photographs on the Internet of rappers she believed were gay.

Williams left the station in 1998 for Philadelphia's WUSL-FM before returning to New York in 2001. She now lives in northern New Jersey with her husband-manager, Kevin Hunter, and their 3-year-old son.

1. Do you ever feel badly about something you've said on-air?

Williams: The things that I feel bad about are usually the most salacious things, that make people really perk up and listen. I mean, in my business it's about pop culture and all of pop culture dealings. ... People who don't have a really great behind-the-scenes life going on, it's like a tree falling in the woods. Who cares?

2. Why are people so interested in celebrity gossip?

Williams: Celebrity gossip takes us away from our own lives, however boring or terrible they might be. For just a moment, we get to realize, hey, we're not the only ones with problems.

3. What's the most outrageous thing someone told you on the air?

Williams: I remember Foxy Brown talking about her miscarriage, and Toni Braxton talked about getting her implants taken out. And how O.J. Simpson continuously said he didn't do it (kill his ex-wife). And he also went on to explain his preference for white women.

4. Why were you so fixated on gay rappers?

Williams: Now I'm back in New York, and everybody knows it's not who is the gay rapper but who ISN'T a gay rapper. ... There are a lot of homosexuals in the music industry and I've moved on from it.

5. If Whitney Houston challenged you to a fight, who would win?

Williams: I don't fight, I'm grown. I mean, I don't fight. There's no way she could win because I have clarity and she doesn't. I will always win.

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