Originally created 09/14/03

NFL Power rankings

Every week during the NFL season, the Augusta Chronicle's Raymond Beasock will break down the rankings of all 32 NFL teams and why they're ranked where they are.


1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers/1

Shutting out Philadelphia at home? WOW!

2. Buffalo Bills/8

Dispatching rival New England was huge

3. Tennessee Titans/6

Finally got rid of the Oakland jinx

4. Indianapolis Colts/10

Defense was impressive at Cleveland

5. N.Y. Giants/12

They look ready for a big season on both sides

6. Pittsburgh Steelers/14

Tommy Maddox looked good, defense looked even better

7. Philadelphia Eagles/3

No shame in getting shut out by the Bucs

8. Denver Broncos/5

Jake Plummer has to improve

9. Atlanta Falcons/9

Doug Johnson will do just fine

10. Kansas City Chiefs/13

Priest Holmes is healthy and running strong

11. Minnesota Vikings/16

Beating Green Bay in Lambeau perfect way to start turnaround

12. San Francisco 49ers/18

Nothing wrong with Jeff Garcia ... yet

13. St. Louis Rams/2

It took one week for Kurt Warner to get injured

14. Oakland Raiders/11

They've got Cincinnati this week, don't panic.

15. Miami Dolphins/4

Getting beat by the Texans at home was inexcusable

16. Carolina Panthers/19

Jake Delhomme will determine how their season goes

17. New England Patriots/7

They could very well be 0-2 after today

18. Green Bay Packers/17

Defense was horrible, must rely on Brett Favre and offense

19. Washington Redskins/21

Beating Atlanta today would be huge

20. Seattle Seahawks/24

Defense looked good in shutting down New Orleans

21. New Orleans Saints/15

Not a good way to prove you're playoff worthy

22. Jacksonville Jaguars/28

Offense was good against tough Carolina defense

23. Cleveland Browns/25

Defense good, offense bad

24. San Diego Chargers/22

David Boston is hurt again

25. Detroit Lions/29

Don't get too excited, it was only Arizona

26. Baltimore Ravens/20

Defense looked awful against Pittsburgh

27. Houston Texans/31

2-0 on opening day

28. N.Y. Jets/23

Can Vinny Testaverde find his old touch?

29. Dallas Cowboys/26

Too many mistakes by Quincy Carter

30. Cincinnati Bengals/27

Stopping the run is a major problem

31. Arizona Cardinals/32

Don't look for Anquan Boldin to do that again all season

32. Chicago Bears/30

Nothing worked against San Francisco


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