Originally created 09/14/03

Teachers not solely to blame for children's failure

As an educator, I'm tired of listening to many parents constantly blaming teachers for their children's educational failures. ...

Are parents aware that for their children to achieve in any educational setting depends solely upon their mind-set? ... If students' primary focus is to learn, then positive learning is going to take place. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

It's obvious that many parents haven't made the mental connection as to why their children aren't progressing in school. Parents can actually program or indoctrinate their children to develop an educational mind-set in order for them to be successful in school. This is imperative because educators shouldn't have to beg the children to not be ignorant.

It's also imperative for parents to understand that if their children aren't properly educated today, they are going to be exploited as adults. The least-educated Americans are the most exploited people in our society.

In many instances, the most educated Americans exploit the less educated Americans to acquire great wealth. This is known as capitalism. To be honest, the less educated people at the bottom find it very difficult to live their American dream.

Parents must put their children first and have them take full advantage of our great American education system. Parents with beautiful minds just don't allow their children to be set up to be exploited.

E. Maner, Augusta

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