Originally created 09/14/03

Kraemer was egregiously wronged

Regarding the Sept. 4 editorial about Ken Kraemer, "Malicious intent?":

Apparently, you guys don't know what it's like in this day and age to be suddenly (let alone undeservedly) unemployed. I would hardly call Mr. Kraemer's righteous outrage and indignation done "out of nothing more than spite..." Spite is cheap when you've been egregiously wronged, particularly when that wrong inures, in this economy, to your financial detriment. And if the circumstances surrounding that termination are suspect, the employee is entitled to his outrage. He's even entitled to a bit of old-fashioned revenge. "Spite" is the least of it.

Try as I might for the sake of some noble abstraction like the commonweal, in this all-too-real, dog-eat-dog world we live in, I can't blame Mr. Kraemer. When it comes to supporting one's family and defending one's professional reputation, all gloves are off. If those errant Augusta Aviation commissioners have awakened a monster in Ken Kraemer, we can hardly blame Mr. Kraemer. We have only the commission to blame.

The burden is on the commission to consider the commonweal - not on a former county employee and regular citizen who feels he was irreparably harmed by its actions. Once again, the "blumbering" ineptitude of our government is going to wind up costing us all - not just Mr. Kraemer - big time.

Under the circumstances, how can we expect Mr. Kraemer to feel his firing was anything other than "malicious?" After all, war is war. And business is business. Why ask Mr. Kraemer to be any better than the "petty, mean-spirited and vengeful" cabal that ousted him? Why hold him to a higher standard? And if the airport has indeed violated grant procedures, then those violations deserve to be exposed - and then corrected.

Ken Kraemer shouldn't get mad; he should get even. Maybe then, Augusta will wake up and smell the sewage steaming on the tarmac.

Karen Hathaway Pittman, Augusta

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