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It's time to review those summertime postcards

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other places.

- Aldous Huxley

We had another great summer with our vacation postcard contest. We got a card from every state, even North Dakota, the last one to make the board.

As for vacation destinations, we have a new champion - Alaska. It attracted the most postcards this summer with 15, tying perennial favorite Canada.

Runners-up were Georgia, with 12, and Tennessee, Virginia and Washington, with 11 each.

Coming in right behind them were Florida and Pennsylvania, with 10.

Now, on to the winners of this year's categories:

MOUNTAINS OR BEACH? It wasn't even close. Sixty post cards featured beach or ocean themes. Only 33 showed mountain peaks or ranges or large rocks.

BIGGEST CARD: Easily it was the one sent by The Hill Baptist Church Youth Group from Nebraska. It was 11-by-8 1/2 inches and showed an Indian and an eagle. It took a card that large to fit all their names, too.

CRITTER CARDS: There were more than 20. The most common critter? A moose, though the portrait of four Wisconsin milk cows sent in by Jim and Barbara Hogan of McCormick, S.C., was pretty funny.

FUNNIEST CARD: Speaking of funny, we had a bunch of hilarious cards this year. Barbara and Joe Ellington had one of a monkey wearing an Alpine hat and those little short-pants overalls. He's drinking a stein of beer.

Bob and Louise Sanders of Aiken sent one from Canada, which showed a photograph of Ukrainian dancers in traditional dress standing in front a caboose with a giant Easter egg hovering over their heads. (I don't understand what any of this means.)

But the one I found easily the funniest was a doctored photographof a bear sitting on a commode in the woods sent in by Ginny and Jim Cash of Augusta. (I don't think any comment is needed.)

BASEBALL VENUES: My friends know me as a big baseball fan, and my postcard friends sent me a dozen images of ballparks around the country. Two were from the Baseball Hall of Fame. And the O'Connors of North Augusta sent one from the Louisville Slugger Museum, which showed a big bat.

MAP OF A STATE: One of my favorite postcard motifs - we got 11 showing state maps, including two from Mississippi.

NEAT STUFF: The Cashes of Evans sent in a small piece of wood with three corn kernels glued to it. It's labeled "3-Piece Chicken Dinner." And David Daitch sent in a jigsaw puzzle postcard from Austria.

Again, I'm glad you're all back home now. Thanks for sharing your summer.

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