Originally created 09/13/03

Rants and raves

Because we receive a number of comments and questions about The Augusta Chronicle, we use Saturday's Rants & Raves column to set the record straight.

A GREAT BIG RAVE for the new TV guide. It's a pleasure to follow my programs each day.

AS A RETIRED person, I just wanted to say how much I love the new TV guide, with its daily morning and afternoon listings.

THIS IS A RAVE about the new TV guide section. It is nice to have every day shown completely; but please return the color guides for sports, movies, children's shows, etc.

WAY TO GO with the new TV guide. It looks great. Just one suggestion: How 'bout putting some staples or a binder on it before we lose half of it by Monday morning?

THIS IS A RANT for the TV guide. I'm in a business that requires cost savings whenever necessary but not at the cost of quality. We never sacrifice quality for cost savings. And the new TV guide section is just awful. No color, no staples - for God's sake, no staples. You can't even fold the thing over anymore. The TV section was one of the main reasons I got a Sunday paper. And now I'm very disappointed with it, very disappointed. Fixing the TV guide, that might be the next move.

Managing Editor Elizabeth Adams responds: "In addition to these comments, The Chronicle has received more than 50 calls and messages about our changes to TV Week. As you can see, the reviews are mixed. The biggest complaint: no staples!

"In case you missed my column in the first issue of the new guide on Aug. 24, we recently switched to a new printer for TV Week, and had an opportunity to make some changes. At our readers' request, we brought back weekday morning and afternoon schedules. That was well received.

"But the printer is unable to 'stich' or staple the product at this time, and color capacity is limited.

"We recognize the usefulness of stapling the guide and are negotiating for equipment to produce this publication ourselves. But that will take several months to a year.

"It's possible to use various shades of gray to identify sports, news and movies. We'll test the new shading in a few weeks. Thanks to all those who took time to contact us about TV Week. We appreciate your feedback and will continue trying to make improvements."

THIS IS A RANT to the anniversary announcement department of The Augusta Chronicle. I recently wanted to announce my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. I was told it would be published on Thursday and the following Sunday. It did appear in Thursday's paper, but has yet to appear on a Sunday. I also sent in a picture with return information on the back, being promised it would be returned. After more than a month or so, I have yet to receive the picture. Even though this is a free service, I believe closer attention on agreements are in order.

Neighbors Editor Ed Scott responds: "The Chronicle runs 50th anniversaries in its Neighbors sections as a public service. Since you did not leave a name, I have no way of addressing your specific announcement. But from looking at the details you did provide, it looks like the confusion comes from the statement about the announcement running on Thursday and then on Sunday.

"Announcements run Thursdays in Richmond County Neighbors and Sundays in the Carolina Chronicle - depending on where the family lives. I talked with Barry Paschal, publisher of the Columbia County News-Times, and he said the News-Times runs anniversary announcements whenever they are received. As a policy, we return photos if an address is given. Please give me a call at (706) 823-3704 if you need further assistance."

A RAVE FOR The Chronicle editorial on Sept. 4. Glad to see the newspaper take a stand and let these commissioners know they should stop trying to blame department heads and the city administrator for the commissioners' poor judgment governing. Let the people who know what they are doing do their job.


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