Originally created 08/08/03

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I CAN'T BELIEVE that Richmond County Animal Control would allow an inmate to work with animals. I have two boxers, and they are just precious. I can't believe this is happening in Richmond County. You people just don't care what happens to the animals.

THIS IS A RANT for the Richmond County school system. One of the problems as a parent is when you go into the office, you are treated with such hostility. They act like you have no business being there. You stand there, and they ignore you. There are some dedicated teachers in Richmond County, but I do believe that Superintendent Charles Larke needs to talk to his staff to let them know not to put parents on the defense.

THIS IS A RANT in response to the caller last week or a few papers ago who mentioned teachers' salaries in comparison to other Georgians' salaries. You mention teachers' salaries being higher than Georgia's average salary. My question is: Do we really want teachers to only be paid a little bit above the state average, or do we want to pay them exemplary wages and attract exemplary professionals to teach children?

THANK YOU, MR. BUSH, for the child care credit check. I can finally get my motorcycle out of the shop. My co-workers are always whining because their kids are grown. And they're the ones that really have to pay the taxes such as school taxes and are penalized for being married. I told her to just get a life.

JUST A RANT about what WBBQ is doing. Rebecca and John were the main reason I listened in the morning. If they think their ratings were bad before, just wait until people realize John and Rebecca are gone. John and Rebecca made my morning drive less stressful. Thanks a lot.


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