Originally created 08/07/03

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

A RANT FOR LEAVING our service personnel at the mercy of the fanatics in Iraq. If they are so cowardly that they attack guerrilla style, why don't our forces play at their own game and return a matching attack at random? I'll bet that would stop attacks against our soldiers and maybe even catch Saddam.

I WANT TO COMMENT to the person who compares the salary of an average teacher's to the average Georgian. I want to ask this person if he knows what kind of education the average Georgian has. Please compare apples to apples, OK?

I DO NOT AGREE with the recent child tax credit. Don't people with kids already get a hefty break on their taxes? Everyone could use a little extra money. So why should only one select group be privileged?

THIS IS A RAVE for all the parents who are speaking up for their children to wear whatever the parents buy for them. All Richmond County parents should come together and make a difference like Columbia County. You don't see their schools in uniforms. Parents, you need to show up for the board meeting at 7 p.m. Aug. 14. Make a difference in your children's education, not their clothing.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the rant about the teachers' salaries compared to the average Georgian. Perhaps the ranter would prefer that the people who bring the salary down in Georgia teach his children.

LET'S FACE IT, there are bad drivers of all ages. Some of the young are reckless; some of the old are feeble. The problem is younger people's bad driving habits can be corrected, but for the elderly, at a certain point the habits are irreversible. That's why there should be a regular driver's test given by the government throughout a citizen's life to ensure his knowledge of driving isn't slipping - it's easier on the families who worry and everyone else on the road.

A BIG RANT for the airport commissioners for allowing Ken Kraemer to keep a designer SUV purchased without their approval and with taxpayers money, and a rant to Ken Kraemer for buying the vehicle without approval and for having to purchase a special decal that matched the color of the vehicle. He should have to pay for the decal out of his pocket, and the SUV should be returned to the dealer. This is another case of fraud of the taxpayer's money.

MY RANT IS to all members of the Episcopal Church. I am resigning my membership, because my church has gone to the gays. When religion goes to gays, it's time to get out of religion.

THIS IS A RESPONSE to the person that is new to our area and is complaining about our radio stations. Just give them a chance. This person wants Dr. Laura back on the radio. I, for one, am glad that she is not on radio. I had hoped for a long time they would take her off. She is phony, offensive and nauseating to listen to.

THIS IS A RANT to parents who take their children to R-rated movies. Don't you know R-rated is next to X-rated? You are exposing your children to a perverted style of living. The language and sex in these type of movies are sick.

WHAT WERE YOU thinking, WBBQ, when you let Rebecca and John go? If you think your ratings are down now, you've lost a whole following of people now.

WHY IS IT that we live in the Peach State, and yet you can't find a decent peach in any of the supermarkets?


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