Originally created 07/09/03

'God Squad' doesn't represent God

Recently, we celebrated the founding of our country, and I am proud to be an American. The phrase, "One nation under God," has only been in the salute for 50 years. Those who truly study history know that God and the truth are the foundation of our country.

In the last couple of generations, there has been a sad drifting to relativism. Many feel that if they do what they want, then things are fine. The evidence is to the contrary. People on drugs, increased crime, disrespect for others and other unpleasant results are evident every day. We need to get back to the truth. I believe the newspaper has a major responsibility in this area.

On June 30, The Augusta Chronicle editorial page had a thought-provoking editorial entitled "Private lives." However, the June 28 Religion section had the article "Many faiths follow the same God." This is heresy. There are many houses of worship in our area. Very few would subscribe to such a position. It is relativism.

Some might counter with the statement "We have to be open-minded." How many have ruined their lives by drug use? Multitudes. Their reason: relativism and the "I can do as I please and it won't hurt me" attitude. That is not the truth, no matter how much they want to believe it. Truth is constant; it does not change. God has said that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. True Christians love all people and want them to know the truth.

I would kindly ask you to drop the "God Squad" from your paper, because the writers do not represent God or help people to know the truth.

Ronald H. Gates, Augusta


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