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A day in the life

As an ongoing project, photographer Jeff Harris had his portrait taken (either by himself or by a friend) every day since January 1999. And now he's set up a Web site, www.jeffharris.org, where more than 1,500 of these photos can be viewed. The site also encourages visitors to submit a short journal entry describing a day from their lives.

South Park site

If you were guest-starring on South Park, what would your character look like? Would you wear an orange sweatshirt like Kenny or sport a green winter cap like Kyle? At www.comedycentral.com/southparkgames/character, create a new South Park citizen in your own likeness. Pick an outrageous wardrobe ranging from a bright Hawaiian shirt to a Boy Scout uniform to a doctor's lab coat. Give yourself a happening do with pigtails, or cover up with a football helmet. Then add the final touches with some facial hair, a pair of claws or a set of angel wings.

Pollution scorecard

Ever wondered if there are any major polluters in your area? Since it's not something big factories tend to advertise, it was kind of hard to get the lowdown without doing a lot of snooping. But now, thanks to the interactive Web site www.scorecard.org, finding toxic offenders in your neighborhood is as easy as punching in your zip code. Once you've identified who emits what, Scorecard tells you what toxins you're dealing with, how it affects your health and, most importantly, how to take action. The site is an information service provided by Environmental Defense.

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