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Dancers will bust a move on national television

Tre' Williams and Craig Williams are ready to rub the stump.

The 18-year-old duo will be strutting their dance moves at the Apollo Theatre in New York in late August, thanks to Ferneasa Cutno, owner of Cutno Dance Centre For Dance Education. Ms. Cutno saw their dance routine at the teen club The Industry one night and encouraged the pair to perform at the CSRA Talent Explosion contest earlier in the year.

"We met Ferneasa through The Industry," said Tre', a graduate of Hephzibah High School. "I owe everything to Andreax Jarre (the owner of Industry) because we were in the club and there was a dance contest that night. Ferneasa came up to us and said she liked the way we danced, and she told us to audition for the CSRA Talent Explosion."

Tre' and Craig, who are not related, won the grand prize at the talent contest, which includes an expense-paid trip to New York to perform at the Apollo Theatre, where rubbing a tree stump has been a pre-performance ritual for years.

They've been perfecting a routine they hope will be accepted by the always-tough Apollo audience.

"If we win, we get to stay up there for another week, and if we lose, I'm just honored that we will get a chance to perform there," Tre' said.

The routine, choreographed by Craig and Tre', is a blend of hip-hop, jazz, ballet and step-dance moves. They practice as much as they can and often spend Saturday nights performing in dance contests at The Industry.

But Tre' admits that learning the different types of dances was hard for him. He doesn't have the training that Craig does.

"I started dancing when I was 6," said Craig, a graduate of North Augusta High School. "I've been trying to get (Tre'), instead of dancing hip-hop, to open his mind a little bit."

Craig said hip-hop came natural to him, but he loves ballet and modern dancing. Both Tre' and Craig hope to make careers out of dancing and both know that dancing at the Apollo Theatre could pave the way.

"I want to dance till my legs fall off," said Craig, laughing. "I want to dance for videos and I also want to be a choreographer ... whatever it is, I want to dance and make a living of it."


WHERE THEY WILL BE NEXT: Riverwalk Augusta

DAY: Friday

TIME: 6 p.m.

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