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Exploring the excitement of Delaware? Drop a line

Why do writers write? Because it isn't there.

- Thomas Berger

Why do people travel?

Who knows? But they do. And we have postcards to prove it.

Pat and Charlie Moye send greetings from Alaska. "Enjoying the weather and scenery."

Jim and Barbara Hogan, of McCormick, send a funny postcard from Wisconsin. (It shows cows.) They are attending a 50th high school reunion and report: "Apparently we outlived the school building. It was torn down last year."

Jason Redd, of Martinez, sends a card showing the BankOne Ballpark in Phoenix, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He writes "Not on vacation, but thought you would like this." (I do.)

Steve and Kathy Whisenant, of North Augusta, and John and LuAnn Shealy, of Aiken, send a card from Mackinac Island, Mich.

Jeff and Candi Lalonde from Edgefield and their children Dustin, Dalton and Peyton send cards from a Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory in Vermont and from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. - one of my favorite places.

Speaking of baseball, Jerry O'Conner and Vel Braden, of North Augusta, send a postcard from the Louisville Slugger Museum in Kentucky. It shows a giant bat.

Another baseball postcard comes from Lexington, Ky., where a group of Augusta GreenJacket fan club members - April Lockhart, Dennis Ellis and Dot and Robert Hobbs - saw the South Atlantic League All Star Game and supported local players Matt Cooper and Chad Spann. Attendance was 8,500.

June Hattaway sends a card from Grand Rapids, Mich. And those Jimmy Buffett music fans - the Parrotheads of the Savannah River - send a card from Mount Pleasant, S.C., where they were enjoying shopping, music and helping raise money for Charleston's children's paramedics.

Still looking for a few more states, such as Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut and Delaware. If you're going there this holiday weekend, send me back a postcard at 725 Broad St., Augusta, GA 30901.

As always, our operators are sitting by.

* * *

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: All the good ones, no matter what it is, are taken.

* * *

TODAY'S JOKE: A man entered a busy florist shop displaying a large sign in the window that read, "Say It With Flowers."

"Wrap up a rose for me," he told the florist.

"Only one?" the florist asked.

"Just one," the customer replied. "I'm a man of few words."

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