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Five questions with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- To hear Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu tell it, life's been one long, jolly slumber party in the four years since they hooked up for "Charlie's Angels."

On screen in that hit and the sequel, "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," they giggle, hug, look ultra-chic and poke fun at one another.

In person, parked on a sofa at a beach-front hotel, they do all of the above, while passing around a late lunch of tortilla chips, guacamole and pizza during an interview with The Associated Press.

"We participate in each other's lives pretty heavily," says Barrymore, also a producer on the "Charlie's Angels" movies, based on the 1970s TV show about a trio of female detectives working for an unseen millionaire.

Like the Angels, the actresses work and play together. They call to talk about boys and career moves, says Barrymore, 28. They share meals and hit parties together, says Liu, 34. They catch concerts and visit one another at home, says Diaz, 30.

On the job in "Full Throttle," the Angels go undercover as nuns, motocross bikers, ship welders and exotic dancers, with Diaz even tucked inside a giant martini glass for a stripper routine.

McG directs again, while Bernie Mac replaces Bill Murray as the Angels' office manager, Bosley. Demi Moore, largely on hiatus from acting the last six years, co-stars as a former Angel at the center of the agency's current case, in which people in witness protection are being snuffed.

1. If you had to go into witness protection, where would you live and what name would you like?

Barrymore: My name would be Pikapki Frampkin. Middle name Jonesy. Where would I live? (to Diaz) Take over. I'll think about that.

Diaz: My name would be maybe Flowerbud. And I would live in the rain forests of Hawaii, where I could go down and surf and run along the beach with a full moon. That was very spontaneous, but that sounds good to me right now.

Liu: I would live in a foreign country, maybe in a European country, and learn a new language and be a completely different person. Cut my hair, speak only that language and become very fluent in it. And my name would be in a different language. It would be hieroglyphics.

2. Did you have a most and least favorite costume in "Full Throttle"?

Liu: Every scene was its own little gem, so it's hard to decide. I loved the nuns, even. It was fun to eat as much as you want without worrying about your stomach showing under the costume.

Diaz: I loved the martini glass. I'd never been in the martini glass until we were shooting. I literally got into the glass and it was, "OK, we're rolling." I was like "OK, how do I do this?" It was really fun to just play with that. It was like a big, kitschy day.

Barrymore: (The exotic dancer) outfit is not something I thought I would ever get into, because I thought it was too revealing. I was definitely the most covered. I was like, "There's no way you're getting me in a pair of French panties. It's never going to happen."

3. One of the original three TV Angels has a cameo in "Full Throttle." Of the six actresses from the TV show, which was your hero?

Barrymore: I was a Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith) girl, myself. I think because she was with it the longest, she stuck to it. And that's so much a part of what my character is going through. She wants the family to stay together.

Diaz: I'm not saying this to cop out at all, but I really identified with all the women. When I was a kid, there was something I admired about each. ... I always kind of aspired to be a little bit of what I thought was unique in each of the girls.

Liu: If I could have, I would have been Farrah (Fawcett), if I could have that hair. But for me, it was a more a visual representation, who did I look more similar to. At one point, I looked more like Sabrina (Kate Jackson). At one point, more like Bosley. No hair.

4. You all gang up on Demi Moore. That's three Angels in their prime fighting a 40-year-old retired Angel. Is that really fair?

Barrymore: Demi with that body? Yes, it's fair. I'm 28, and I can't look like that in that bikini. I'm sorry. The woman is a goddess.

Liu: She's in better shape than all of us. She's strong. She's physically and mentally and spiritually grounded. That's the great thing about her. When you see her on film, you don't question that she could take all three of us on.

Diaz: I have to say, I love getting older. I've never felt stronger, I've never felt more capable, I've never felt sexier, I've never felt more in my skin and happier to be who I am, than as I get older. I don't even think of it as aging, I think of it as growing as a human being. ... I see that in Demi. She's got a family, she's lived her life, she went off and did what was important to her. Now she's back and kicking (butt) in this movie.

5. Assume Charlie's detective agency has been around since film-noir days. What actresses from the '30s and '40s would have made good Angels?

Barrymore: Lauren Bacall, Veronica Lake. Lauren Bacall's great because she's so tough.

Liu: And she's so hot.

Diaz: Claudette Colbert.

Barrymore: Katharine Hepburn. Oh, Jean Harlow, she would make a great Angel. A real salty dog. Marlene Dietrich. Greta Garbo.

Diaz: The women back then were so strong. All those women we just mentioned were something extraordinary.

Liu: Mae West, for sure. Bette Davis.

Barrymore: Oh my God, Bette Davis! She would have been the gnarliest Angel of them all. Joan Crawford. She would a scary Angel. She would be Demi. She would be the fallen angel.


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