Originally created 06/20/03

Only bigots say illegal aliens harm

Regarding John T. Petrozello's June 18 letter, "Illegal immigrants hurt United States": He stated illegal immigrants negatively impacted the U.S economy, culture, educational system, crime rates and social institutions. Then he offered a twofold solution to the immigration problem.

First, Mr. Petrozello suggested erecting a 12-foot high fence protected by land mines. Second, he suggested enacting a 15-year moratorium to cleanse the United States of large numbers of illegal immigrants.

Typically, Mr. Petrozello's beliefs are representative of a certain bigoted segment of American society who only want immigrants who resemble pilgrims to enter the United States. In their narrow and bigoted minds, immigration became a "problem" when non-white immigrants began to outnumber white immigrants.

In my opinion, so-called illegal immigrants have not hurt the United States as Mr. Petrozello suggests. They have only hurt the warped egos of a certain segment of American society.

However, what has hurt the United States are ignorance, fear, suspicion and prejudice amongst the various races that live in this country.

Mr. Petrozello and others who share his viewpoint need to be reminded that one reason the United States is an economic and military superpower is due to the efforts of the so-called illegal immigrants.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt acknowledged this fact when he said, "Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists."

It appears Mr. Petrozello and many others have been victimized by their own ignorance and bamboozled by right-wing illegal-immigration propaganda.

Kevin Palmer, Martinez, Ga.


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