Originally created 06/19/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

DEAR HARLEM CHILD RANTER: I just wanted to let you know that I did some research that might be of interest to you and would definitely relieve you of the annoyance of the Harlem school-break children walking the streets this summer. Caves in north Georgia. There are lots of them. Some are extremely inaccessible. You could go live in one and never have to watch innocent children enjoy the serene, sweet summer Georgia days ever again. Imagine going to bed every night without hearing the melodic laughter of young ones as they play tag, or hopscotch, or - horror of horrors - red light.

WELL, I SEE former Gov. Roy Barnes is endorsing Sen. John Edwards as the Democratic presidential nomination. There is the kiss of death for you.

I AGREE WITH the person who had a rant in the paper Monday regarding the Augusta airport. I have my daughter coming from California. Tickets to get to Augusta from Atlanta are $300. That is ridiculous. What is going on with this airport? Why don't you just close it, and we can all drive to Atlanta or Columbia or someplace?

A LESSON FOR arrow illiterates: The pointed end indicates which direction you should be driving. This may help you avoid head-on collisions, especially in parking lots.

THIS IS A RANT for the aviation commission at Augusta Regional Airport. These people could not care for the police out there, or they would make them county employees. A rave for Ken Kraemer. He has done more for the airport than any of the commissioners or even previous directors could hope for. Commissioner Marci Wilhelmi needs to be removed.

THIS IS IN response to the rant on the Laci Peterson case. If this was your child, you would want the story on the news as much as possible. So don't knock her parents for wanting to find out who killed their daughter.


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