Originally created 06/19/03

Liberals use creationism to scare

Regarding the June 9 editorial, "Sunday school is for Sunday": This is a true statement. But when taken out of context, it is wrong.

In the teachings of God's word (Deuteronomy 6), we are told to teach children in all phases of their lives. The premise of the separation of church and state doctrine that liberals teach is that any money taken from the taxpayer is used to keep Christians from having a voice in any activities. That is taxation without representation.

The thin line you refer to in the editorial is the one to heaven, but the broad sides of this line lead to destruction. The broad sides of this line are the sides the liberal party travels.

The liberal media don't report the news; they editorialize the news to make it fit their agenda. If you think I'm wrong, just remember the destruction of the American way of life since liberal judges began using emotional relevance in their decisions, and the liberal party started using scare tactics "to put fear into your heart" - as if we are taking something away from you, or as if we want to hinder or hurt you.

In the beginning, the public school system - founded by Christians - used the Bible as a textbook. The Lord uses love and righteousness to get his work done. Here are just a few examples: It is known that he brings the giants in our lives to their knees. He takes a corrupt mind and makes it pure. He takes strife-torn homes and makes them the sweetest places this side of heaven. He takes men who are rotten and ripe for hell and makes them jewels of beauty.

Displace hate with love, and war with peace. Remember, by creation we were made in his image - and by evolution made into a fool.

The Rev. Grady Brown, Augusta


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