Originally created 05/29/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

TO THE PARENTS of Farmington and Pinebrook neighborhoods that let their kids drive golf carts: With the increase in overweight adolescents in the country today, you would think that maybe you should buy your kids a bike. They are a whole lot less expensive and a whole lot more healthy.

TALK ABOUT POWER! One woman named Martha who doesn't even live here has set this town on its ear! Go, Martha!

THANK YOU. Around noon on a Saturday, I saw a lady with brown hair taking down her yard sale signs on Columbia/Belair Road. Yard sales are great, but you need to take your signs down after the yard sale.

I WOULD LIKE an answer to the following. A lot of people are burning trash in Augusta and when I tell them it is against the law, they say it isn't. The fumes from it cause me so many health problems. Please publish the laws on burning trash in Augusta.

HOW COME PARENTS and church groups open up their own clubs? I am a senior and we have plenty of things to do, but what about the teens? Maybe moms, dads and seniors could volunteer to assist the deputies or have a teen board of advisers. If the kids have a stake in it maybe they will be more concerned if they are more involved.

LEONARD PITTS JUST tickles me. His last column supported the right of free speech for the Dixie Hens. How? He said we conservative country folk don't share that right. We "ain't" supposed to talk back. How very liberal of him.

THIS IS A RANT for the principals of the schools without soap and paper towels in the restrooms. You obviously know very little about what is happening in your schools. Principals and teachers used to check the restrooms, or maybe these don't even know there is supposed to be soap and paper towels in the restrooms.

AS FOR THE Weather Channel, you can't get the weather half the time. It is just commercials and documentaries.

THIS IS FOR the ranter about tipping. Cleaning up is part of your job. Being criticized is part of life. Get used to it.

THIS IS A RAVE for your daily crossword puzzle. I don't know if the person doing them just got smarter or if you hired somebody new, but they are a lot better, a lot tougher. Appreciate it.

DON'T PEOPLE WHO use self-scan checkouts in stores realize they are aiding and abetting in the loss of more jobs, especially those for cashiers?

THIS IS A rant/suggestion to all department and chain stores. Some people in the Augusta area wear a smaller size than six in clothes and shoes.

OUR RICHMOND County trash pickup service is wonderful.


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