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Novice golfer earns his wings

Making two eagles in one day, as Paul Carter did at Rocky Branch Golf Club in Lincolnton, Ga., is impressive enough.

The details make it even more amazing.

Carter, who played 27 holes that day, made the eagles on the same hole and in the same mind-boggling fashion.

They came on the 358-yard par-4 fourth hole, where Carter drove the green and made putts of more than 40 feet each time.

Carter's drives didn't cover the entire 358 yards on the hole because he cut the corner of the dogleg. Still, they were in excess of 300 yards.

The 56-year-old had a reliable witness - Rocky Branch head pro Al Holloway was his partner in the Rocky Branch Men's Golf Association Ryder Cup tournament. The other witnesses were Ryan Smith and Trevon McDaniel.

COOL DEAL: The only reason Robert Giancroce of Aiken was playing golf at Persimmon Hill Golf Club in Saluda, S.C., was because the club's air conditioning system was on the blink. Giancroce's company, Central Air Conditioning, was doing the repair, and Giancroce visited the course to see how the work was going.

A novice golfer, Giancroce decided to play the course. He made a hole-in-one on the 200-yard seventh hole with a driver.

"I don't think he broke 110," Persimmon Hill head pro Mo Mullinax said.

COMING SOON: The Augusta Area Junior Golf Association begins its Summer Tour on Monday at Midland Valley Country Club in Graniteville, S.C.

Six tournaments are scheduled in Series I and Series II, with each series offering different courses. While Series I opens at Midland Valley, Series II will kick off at Persimmon Hill Golf Club on June 5.

The season ends with the Rob Perry Championship, a two-day event for the top point-getters in each age group.

The deadline to join the AAJGA is Sunday, or after the first 150 applicants in each age group. To sign up, pick up an application at area pro shops or call AAJGA Executive Director Michael Carlisle at (803) 641-3528.


CEDAR CREEK GC: Jon Payne, No. 5, sand wedge. Witnesses: Doug Padgett and Junior Lamb.

Steve Brown, No. 5, sand wedge. Witnesses: Jim Price and Jeff Allen.

WAYNESBORO CC: Side Horton, No. 7, 8-iron. Witnesses: Tat Thompson, Walt Seger, Rhodes Seger and Phil Chalker.

GORDON LAKES GC: Johann Ehntholt, No. 4, North Course. Witnesses: Tom Taber, Tom Ellis and Andy Williams.

Bobby Price, No. 4, West Course, 7-iron. Witnesses: Ken Addison and Colin Bullfinch.

ROCKY BRANCH GC: David Wilson, No. 14, 9-iron. Witnesses: Bruce Callander, Jay Boeglen, Gary Waters and Doug Millar.

Ty Booker, No. 8. Witnesses: Allen Holloway, Tom Boyle and Allen Walker.

THREE OAKS: Clarence Faulkner, No. 13. Witness: Bill Kinard.

Randall Davis, No. 9, 7-wood.

PINE RIDGE: Danny Blair, No. 5, 6-iron. Witnesses: Roger Robbins, Ruel Waltz, Keith Bailey and Steve Childs.

BACON PARK: David Tribby, No. 3, 6-iron, on Bacon Park's Cypress Course in Savannah. Witness: Jim Costagen.

RIVER GOLF CLUB: Terri Borresson, No. 13, 107 yards, gap wedge. Witnesses: Roger Mueller, Larry Wagner and Dave Johnson.

Matt Lawrence, No. 7, 169 yards, 6-iron. Witness: Steve Lawrence.

Kristen Bragg, No. 13, 165 yards. Witnesses: Brian Bragg, H.B. Chavous and Kevin Bragg.

Kevin Mooney, No. 13, 7-iron. Witnesses: Shawn Mooney and Bill Jenkins.

Jim Brown, No. 17, 8-iron. Witnesses: Carl Darby Jr., Bobby Lee and Bert Hall.

Steve Hungerpiller, No. 13, 7-iron. Witnesses: Ralph Sapp, Phil McBeth and Leon Lloyd. Note: Hungerpiller shot even-par 72 in this round, one shot under his age.

POINTE SOUTH: Debra Hatcher, No. 6, 95 yards, 9-iron. Witnesses: Eydie Jones, Juliette Gardner and Judy Allardice.

Mike Gullette, No. 4, pitching wedge. Witnesses: Willie Lee Jr., and Michael Covington.

Carol Morris, No. 4, lob wedge. Witnesses: Charlie Morris, Paul Crick and Betty Crick.

Kevin Meyer, No. 14, 7-iron. Witnesses: Ben Altman, Gary Fogus and Randy Splight.

Gary Schlick, No. 14, 6-iron. Witnesses: Pat Tornow.

Barbara Tomaszewki, No. 4, pitching wedge. Witnesses: John Moore and Randy Garbaty.

GREEN MEADOWS: Ray Hicks, No. 7, 7-iron. Witness: David Beaudreau.

Melvin Roberts, No. 3, 8-iron. Witnesses: Bill Goodwin, Charlie Poole and E.C. Hemley.

Les Barrett, No. 3, 7-iron. Witnesses: Stanley Riddle and Calvin McElroy.

Ernie Timmerman, No. 3, pitching wedge. Witness: Robbie Dunbar.

Richard Roundtree, No. 3. Witnesses: David Harold and Steve Zappszosta.

MOUNT VINTAGE: Donna Wynens, No. 3, 102 yards, 7-wood. Witnesses: DeeDee Howard and Nancy Worsham.

Tom Kight, No. 7, 195 yards, 5-iron. Witnesses: Dustin Gay, Phil Gay and Matt Anderson.

Julian Farmer, No. 3, 131 yards, pitching wedge. Witnesses: Greg Doebler and Larry Haney.

FIRST TEE: In a span of 18 days, Chris Cole had two aces. First, he made a hole-in-one on the 120-yard second hole, then aced the 205-yard fourth hole.

Chris Stallman and Chris Motes had aces on No. 1, and Matt Menger aced No. 6.

APPLEWOOD: David Ferraro, No. 13, 154 yards. Witnesses: Danie McMahon and Jesse Key.

Larry Hyman, No. 13, 154 yards. Witnesses: Johnny Hucheson and Ben Hyman.

Mike Syder, No. 17, 156 yards.

RESERVE CLUB: Judy Sanders and her husband Bill Sanders scored the first aces of their careers in a 2 1/2 -month span. First, Judy aced the 149-yard ninth hole with a 3-iron shot that was witnessed by Bill Sanders. Later, Bill aced the 135-yard 12th hole with a 9-iron shot that Judy witnessed. Bill's ace was the first one on the 12th hole, meaning all four par-3s at the course, which opened July 22, have been aced.

WOODSIDE: Terry Hickey, No. 15, Cupp Course, 155 yards, 6-iron. Witness: Bill Coppock.

Ed Diddle, No. 4, Cupp Course.

Phil Sinn Jr., No. 7, Jones Course.

AUGUSTA CC: Ed Johnson, No. 6.

Mary Ann Abbott, No. 6.

Ray Chestnut, No. 4, 7-iron.

AUGUSTA CC: Jim Norville, No. 5, 4-wood.


WEST LAKE: Jack Parel, No. 12, 8-iron. Witnesses: Stoney Gilmore, Garn Capps and Bill McKettrick.


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