Originally created 05/28/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

A RANT FOR inconsiderate neighbors to choose the holiday weekend, with friends and family gathering outdoors, to put on a new roof with hammering and sawing, disturbing what little peace and quiet we have. It may be important, but at least do it during the week.

THIS IS A RANT for the judges in Georgia. In the paper, I read that a man found guilty of paying someone to murder his wife only gets four years. A few pages later, I see where an 18-year-old high school boy gets 15 years for statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl. What is wrong with the judges in Georgia? Backwards.

TO THE DEMOCRATS who don't want to give up a tax cut. I would give up my tax cut if they would give up all the perks we are paying them.

THIS IS A RAVE to the woman in the Payless Shoe Store in Augusta Exchange who refused to take any lip off the mother whose daughter was creating total mayhem in the store. Kudos to you for letting that mother know that she had a parental obligation to control her unruly child. This also is a rant for that mother. Mom, you were nowhere to be found while your little angel tore down shoe boxes, tap-danced on top of a table (the clerk had to get onto her for that), and lay sprawled out in the center of the aisle where she could be tripped over or stepped on. The woman you tried to take on for speaking to your little hellion was merely looking out for your girl's safety.

I WOULD LIKE to say as a Christian that Islamics need to understand that if they are not praying to their God as Father of Jesus Christ, then they are not praying to the same God that Christians are.

WITH THE PRICE restaurants charge today for food, they ought to be able to pay their waitresses a decent wage.

THIS IS A RANT for the lowlife who broke into our utility building when we weren't at home. Don't you value your soul?

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