Originally created 05/28/03

Act on school cleanup before catastrophe occurs

Regarding The Chronicle's editorial on May 18, "A cleanup is needed," it reads, "First, concerned parents should make certain their kids' schools have plenty of necessary hygiene supplies. Give the principals what-for if they don't."

Let me correct that. Parents, by this editorial, should already know that the principals and school system have been appallingly irresponsible. Therefore, it is time for a little more positive action. If I were the parent of a student in any of these schools, and I am not, I would withdraw my child until school officials could show proof that needed supplies are in place.

Secondly, I would ask to see The Chronicle's reports for the past three years to ascertain whether this problem existed before.

Third, I would ask to see what program or system officials are putting in place which will guarantee that this never happens again.

Anyone who has ever worked with Infection Control knows that washing hands is the No. 1 one defense against infection and contagious disease. Why haven't our school nurses been involved with this? Where is the oversight of the system? Was the cost a problem? Let us hope it was not. If so, realize that $7.50 for a canister of liquid soap is much cheaper than the hospital costs associated with a case of meningitis.

For the sake of the children of Richmond County, I hope that principals, nurses and the school superintendent have learned that "cleanliness is next to Godliness," and that means not only our hands but the general environment as well. Let us hope that they act on their new awareness before a catastrophe occurs.

Dennis E. Jones, Martinez, Ga.


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