Originally created 05/28/03

Criticism of letter writer unwarranted

I must correct Andy Chandler, as his letter on May 10 ("Defends President Bush's military service") contained so many inaccurate statements.

Mr. Chandler called letter-writer Richard Renew a "brassy braggart" (April 29 letter, "Wants proof Bush served in military"). He's not. Mr. Renew is just an American who, over 50 years ago was 18 years old on the battlefield in Korea, watching his buddies die, wondering if he would make it home and getting wounded before he made it.

"... (and) he has never gotten over it," Mr. Chandler wrote. What time frame would Mr. Chandler put on that? He got over it well enough to come back home, work hard and raise a family, but he will never forget it!

Mr. Renew does not ask for nor need Mr. Chandler's praise, however he has the utmost respect for the 319th Transportation Unit and every other American who has been in harm's way defending our country. While I do not agree with his views on Mr. Bush, I have the commonsense to comprehend the source of his discontent. Mr. Renew does not respect anyone who has the power to order Americans into battle, but found a way to avoid it when it was his time to go.

This leads me to Mr. Chandler's most inaccurate and uninformed insult. Was he under a rock during the "Slick Willie" (former President Bill Clinton) years?

For the record, 50 years from now, when Mr. Chandler and his kind no longer care if the office of the president happens to be held by a member of the 319th Transportation Unit who did not report to Iraq with his unit by way of some preferential treatment, he can bet that if there is a breath left in Mr. Renew, his needle will still be "stuck in that groove" and he will personally and publicly exercise the First Amendment right that he defended in Korea.

And Mr. Chandler can read it in The Chronicle!

Rebecca Durst, North Augusta, S.C.


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