Originally created 05/28/03

Sex does not equal intimacy

Sharon Smith's May 1 guest column, "Shopping center images compromise youths' ethics," was courageous and instructive. Our culture really is teaching our youth to become sexually active. However, who's telling the teens that sex does not equal intimacy?

True intimacy is born in trust, and trust is born in marriage. A woman's heart is a fragile treasure that opens only to the touch of love and commitment. A guy could be in a long-term relationship with a girl and be clueless that she has withheld her true identity and heart from him.

Teens have a legitimate longing to have relationships. But those who do not satisfy the longing through pre-marital sex will know greater longing and anticipation. Such a young person will then experience greater fulfillment when he or she shares body, soul and spirit in the safety of marriage. A heart broken time and again by rejection, lies and selfishness is not a whole heart. Yet, this is the kind of heart many teens are taking into marriage because of our low sexual standards.

Our culture will always mock marriage. But the pure intimacy of a healthy, God-centered marriage mocks the shallow, base and unfaithful relationships of the culture.

Kathryn Lehn, Martinez, Ga.

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