Originally created 05/17/03

Democrats will be back in 2004

Regarding your April 18 editorial, "The A.G. wins big": In discussing Attorney General Thurbert Baker's win in the Fulton County Superior Court, the statement is made that the issue in question "enabled the GOP to take control of the Senate for the first time since Reconstruction."

This is, of course, the usual right-wing Republican hype. Actually the Democratic Party of Georgia won both the Senate and House. That the Senate became Republican was not the result of the election; rather it was the result of four self-serving, ethically challenged senators who were elected by Democratic-voting Georgians, but who turned their backs on these voters who put them in office.

Let's look at the record, not The Chronicle hype. We lost two high-profile offices. The governor rode into office on the votes of Georgia's segregation-oriented voters who apparently wish to turn the state backward 150 years (under the guise of "heritage").

We lost the U.S. Senate seat to a man who never served his country in the military. The mockery of this election was that he won by selling the lie that a Silver Star-earning disabled veteran was a non-patriot and, with the help of Washington's Republican "Chicken Hawks," made it stick. That the Georgia and national VFW publicly supported the draft-ineligible man over the valor of the award-winning veteran is cause for any veteran to retch.

Democratic-voting Georgians put into office the lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general and commissioner of labor. Not a bad record when added to both houses of the Georgia legislature. Don't bury us yet. We'll be around in 2004.

Walter S. Williams, Augusta


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