Originally created 05/16/03

Selling your SEC championship ring? Try eBay

Stupidity got us into this mess - why can't it get us out?

- Bumper sticker

In case you hadn't heard, nine University of Georgia football players were declared ineligible this week for selling their 2002 Southeastern Conference championship rings for thousands of dollars. The eBay Internet auction site was the reported marketplace.

I was surprised.

I didn't know you could find bargains like that on eBay.

Naturally, I tried to see if there was any other great Bulldog stuff for sale on the site - you know, Herschel's Heisman, Jim Donnan's white hat, Erk Russell's comb.

Here's what I found: Bulldog Barbie doll ($2.50), baby bib ($2.99), UGA tie ($4.50), UGA license plate ($4.99), clock ($16.95), Bulldog ceiling fan ($35), end zone print ($37).

The most expensive item appears to be a Bulldog bar stool ($64.99), which was probably being sat upon when someone dreamed up the idea of selling those championship rings.

What I couldn't find was the latest UGA bumper sticker: "Where Are We Going And Why Are We In This Handbasket?"

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- This Would Be Really Funny If It Weren't Happening To Me

- So Many Pedestrians - So Little Time

- Eat Right, Exercise, Die Anyway

- Honk If Anything Falls Off

* * *

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Even very young children need to be informed about dying. Explain the concept of death very carefully to your child. This will make threatening him with it much more effective.

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TODAY'S JOKE: A veterinarian was feeling ill and went to see her doctor.

The doctor asked her all the usual questions: what were the symptoms, how long had they been occurring, etc.

Suddenly, she interrupted him: "Hey look, I'm a vet - I don't need to ask my patients these kind of questions: I can tell what's wrong just by looking." She smugly added, "Why can't you?"

The doctor nodded, stood back, looked her up and down, quickly wrote out a prescription, handed it to her and said, "There you are. Of course, if that doesn't work, we'll have to have you put to sleep."

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