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Across Georgia

Campaign donation was recording error

ALBANY - A mix-up in campaign finance records showed a donation from a group headed by a Republican congressional leader going to a Georgia Democratic candidate.

Dozens of Republican Party loyalists were upset to learn that a political action committee had donated $10,000 to the 2002 campaign of U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, an Albany Democrat.

It turned out to be a record-keeping mistake.

Regent's widow takes over husband's job

ATLANTA - The widow of George M.D. "John" Hunt III was sworn in Monday to complete her husband's unexpired term on the University System of Georgia Board of Regents.

Gov. Sonny Perdue's office announced the appointment of Julie Ewing Hunt, of Tifton, on Tuesday. She will represent the 2nd Congressional District through 2003.

Mr. Hunt, 63, died March 19. He was the president of J.H. Services Inc. in Tifton and had operated restaurants in south Georgia and Florida.

Businessman pleads guilty to tax evasion

ATLANTA -A Griffin businessman has pleaded guilty to making false statements and income tax evasion in connection with a $22.2 million contract with the Army, officials said Tuesday.

Virgil E. Duncan, 60, the owner of Evans Steel Enterprises Inc., was to provide 7,450 steel shipping containers to the Army over a five-year period. He admitted to submitting false documents, claiming the company had purchased the materials and understating personal income for 1994 of $344,300, resulting in a tax due of $104,782.

200,000 patients with cancer lack insurance

ATLANTA - One in 10 people under age 65 diagnosed with cancer - a total of about 200,000 patients - is uninsured, according to an Emory University study.

Cancer patients without insurance use half as much cancer services and pay nearly 2.5 times more in out-of-pocket costs than insured patients, according to the study.

Many insured patients find out too late they don't have enough coverage. The uninsured seek late treatment because they know they will face difficulty with the health system, health officials said.

Study authors said insurance reforms are needed providing medical treatment to cancer patients to increase their survival chances.


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