Originally created 04/09/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

MY RANT IS that our brave military is old enough to fight and die for our freedom but not old enough to go into a nightclub and have a drink. I feel if they are serving in the military and have an active military ID card, they should be able to reap all the benefits they have fought and died for.

IT IS THE patrons of the Masters Tournament who will decide the merit, or lack thereof, of Martha and Jesse's protest. The patrons will cast their votes in January, when they are offered the opportunity to purchase tickets to the 2004 tournament. The votes will be tallied in 10 months by the number of tickets purchased.

MY RAVE IS for the greatest military force in the world, and it makes me very proud to be an American. Everyone, please show your support. Fly your flags and display yellow ribbons for our troops. God bless America and our military.

I AM FROM the CSRA. Augustans have a tender spot in their hearts for Augusta National, the Masters and golf in general. We see the Masters as our Super Bowl. Now there are two people who want to tarnish the image of such a beautiful tradition. Augusta doesn't't hold women back - just ask the multitude of highly skilled and respected women whom Augusta has produced. I hate to see Augusta related to such negative remarks as those being thrown around by Martha Burk and Jesse Jackson. I love Augusta and the Masters, and so do the rest of us. Leave it alone.

A RANT TO Lee Beard and other like-minded Augusta Commission members: If you are not man enough to take a stand and vote on an issue and have it recorded, then you are not serving the people who elected you. You are either playing politics or do not understand the issues. Which is worse?

I WOULD LIKE to rant to the thug who stole our bow and miniature flag off my mailbox in Beech Island. Thank you, you did me a favor. The flag was my 5-year-old's. You taught him a lesson about why our men and women are at war. Evil. You proved to him that there is evil right here in our own community as well. I told my son that even though we didn't know who did it, God did and, whether in Iraq or Beech Island, evil will not win.


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