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UNIVERSOUL CIRCUS: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday, noon, 4:30 and 8 p.m. Saturday and 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. April 13, Diamond Lakes Regional Park, 4335 Windsor Spring Road; $10 for 10:30 a.m. show; $14.50-$40; Hank Ernest, (404) 653-8706.
AIKEN - USC Aiken pitcher Bradley Key began Saturday by striking out Bennett Mayfield on three pitches.
CINCINNATI -- Sammy Sosa became the 18th player to hit 500 career homers, connecting for a solo shot Friday night in the Cincinnati Reds' new ballpark.

Impress your guests with pieces of Augusta history
ATLANTA - Last year the Atlanta Braves boasted the major league's best bullpen, featuring a group of relievers who combined for a 2.60 ERA and 57 saves.
ATLANTA - Three games into the season and the Atlanta Braves' offense has produced two runs. The tendency, left fielder Chipper Jones suggested, is to try and jump-start the lineup with your next swing.
ATLANTA - The Braves don't expect to be a team of 800 runs like the 1999 club, which featured two hitters who knocked in 100 runs and two others with at least 80 RBI.
ATLANTA - Losing pitcher, Greg Maddux.

Maddux shelled in Braves' loss

Early woes cost offense focus

Braves' offense comes to life

Braves bullpen not off to a hot start
K'Anas Martin works on The Clubhouse's welcome sign in preparation for Masters Week.
Property on Gordon Highway that was home to an abandoned convenience store and, at one time, the city dump is being turned into a truck stop.
NEW YORK -- Stocks closed mixed Friday as investor enthusiasm about U.S. advances in Iraq was muted by a weak employment report and speculation that Saddam Hussein was still alive. Tech shares sagged on an earnings warning from PeopleSoft.
NEW YORK -- As the war with Iraq dominates the news, small business owners might notice that some of their workers seem stressed or preoccupied or are less productive. Or some employees might be spending more time talking about the war and less time working.
The accounting profession has experienced a transformation.
The Georgia Department of Labor's Augusta Career Center and several other organizations will sponsor a job fair at Fort Gordon on May 6.
SPRINGFIELD, La. - Charles Boyce says his faith in the American health care system was stolen when an allegedly bogus group insurance plan failed to pay $80,000 in medical claims from his lung surgery.
A 1967 Ford Mustang known as "Eleanor" was the object of Nicholas Cage's turbo-charged desires in the film Gone in 60 Seconds.
Thomas J. Dorn has been elected vice president and business development officer of Georgia Bank & Trust Co. Before joining the company, Mr. Dorn was employed by SunTrust Bank. The Augusta native has 11 years of banking experience, including retail and commercial. He earned a bachelor's degree from Georgia Southern University.
April 15: Two-hour course: Starting Your Own Business, University of Georgia Business Outreach Services Small Business Development Center Network, Augusta office, 1054 Claussen Road, Suite 301; 6:30-8:30 p.m.; $35; 737-1790.
NEW YORK -- When companies report their first-quarter earnings this month, Wall Street will have a harder time than usual trying to determine what the numbers mean.
Cindi Runowski is faced with a quandary: Her small shop in Missouri's Ozarks is stocked with patriotic merchandise that's not selling. She'd like to advertise, but doesn't want to seem as if she's trying to profit off the war in Iraq.
WASHINGTON - U.S. companies slashed 108,000 jobs in March after huge cuts the month before as war in Iraq battered the economy at home. But the overall civilian unemployment rate held steady at 5.8 percent.

Tigers' offense struggles
DAYTON, Ohio - Dayton coach Oliver Purnell has accepted an offer to coach Clemson, Flyers athletic director Ted Kissell said Saturday.

Merriweather turns heads at Clemson
When he was carving up defenses as a tailback at North Augusta High School, Reggie Merriweather never really entertained the notion of sitting the bench his first year of college.
CLEMSON, S.C. - His offense struggled, rushing for an average of 3.5 yards per play and scoring just 16 points - not too good for a team that had the ball on every play of the 60-minute game.

Syracuse's second shot

Freedom to tune out
It's slowly but surely becoming clear that Iraq isn't a country so much as a weapons depot.
It's been said that if heaven had a golf course it would be the Augusta National.
How sadly, typically, maddeningly ironic.

French kiss-off
First the Dixie Chicks' lead singer tells a foreign audience she's ashamed President George W. Bush is from Texas. Then Madonna releases a video - only to foreign audiences - in which she utters a profanity and tosses a grenade at a President Bush look-alike. Then the lead singer for the band Pearl Jam, at a Denver concert, impales a President Bush mask on a microphone stand and slams it to the floor.
When various U.S. eateries took the word "french" out of such things as fries and toast, some said it was childish. And when the French fought nearly all U.S. initiatives to disarm Iraq - then the French foreign minister initially refused to even express a hope that the U.S. coalition would win the war - Bush administration officials shook it off.

This isn't baby milk

Monument to mistrust

Masters Week, welcome one and all
Cartoonist Jim Davis' fat cat comic Garfield runs in newspapers in 111 countries.

Tax tips: Gambling winnings are taxable

Tax tip: How to report foreign income
With more and more United States citizens earning money from foreign sources, the IRS reminds people that they must report all such income on their tax return, unless it is exempt under federal law. U.S. citizens are taxed on their worldwide income.
Hit a big one in 2002? With more and more gambling establishments, the IRS reminds people that they must report all gambling winnings as income on their tax return.
Most coastal areas of the United States have some sort of seafood bake or boil specific to their region. These festive recipes use what is wonderfully local and remarkably fresh. The company of friends at these events is as important as the food.
With a French-sounding name and roots planted in the Great White North, one could assume Angus Roy would be stopping pucks for the Augusta Lynx hockey team instead of dealing fastballs for the Augusta GreenJackets.
The phone rang, and the news definitely threw Brian Esposito for a loop.
The Jackets scored three runs in the third inning off starter Josh Shortslef, sparked by a two-run double by Matt Cooper.
Luis Villareal served up a home run to Jorge Cortes over the left-field on his 11th pitch of the game.
DULUTH, Ga. - Recent history is on Lee Janzen's side in today's final round of the BellSouth Classic.
Sunday's editions of The Augusta Chronicle will include a guide to the 67th Masters Tournament. Our 68-page special edition is packed with player profiles, course information, a match-play game and more.

Augusta golfers tied for top spot
DULUTH, Ga. - In short order, Lee Janzen has turned his game around, just in time for the Masters Tournament.
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Get ready LPGA, the nation's top-ranked junior amateur is on the way.
After playing 36 holes at Forest Hills Golf Club on Saturday, James Heath got in some additional putting.

Special section offers Masters preview

Janzen pulls out to lead
Alex Hamilton and Kevin Kisner didn't start winning golf titles at South Aiken High School until after Matt Hendrix graduated.
LOS ANGELES - Annika Sorenstam had an adventurous first nine holes before steadying Friday for 4-under-par 68 to take the first-round lead in the Office Depot Championship.

Jackets win shutout

Reliever learns pitching from other side

Jackets game report

Hickory powers past Augusta & The Augusta Chronicle - 2003 Augusta - The Masters - In Augusta
Going to the Masters and want to support Hootie Johnson with an anti-Martha Burk button, or vice versa?
U.S. troops dashed inside Baghdad on Saturday, blasting targets nestled in palm trees, to show they can move at will against Iraq's beleaguered defenders. Allies adapted their air campaign to prepare for a climactic ground assault on the capital.
WASHINGTON -- Eight dead soldiers found during the rescue of an American POW in Iraq this week were members of her ambushed Army maintenance unit, the Pentagon announced Saturday.
Thousands of Iraqis fled Baghdad on Friday as U.S. forces seized the international airport on the city's western edge and armored convoys pressed in from the south. Marines claimed the surrender of 2,500 troops of the now-shredded Republican Guard.
U.S. armored units backed by warplanes seized control of Baghdad's airport Friday, while 2,500 Republican Guard soldiers south of the city surrendered to Marines, American officials said.
A lot of us will have guests this week.
Arguments for the war are as empty as a man's nipple. Using logic with these belligerents is like Rhett trying to knock some sense 'neath those curls of Scarlett's. Dan Hilbert, Augusta
Chicago Tribune columnist Jim Mateja wrote March 10 about SUVs. He pointed out that seat belt use is still the most efficient way to reduce one's risk of death in any type crash, and that 72 percent of occupants killed in SUVs had not been wearing their seat belts. Priscilla Bence, Martinez, Ga.
The Augusta National Golf Club and the United States Constitution have a similar origin. Both originated in the minds of great men. However, as great as these men were, they were flawed with a bigoted and intolerant mentality. Kevin Palmer, Martinez, Ga.
I feel obligated to respond to Dr. Bela Vitez's March 25 letter, "Americans not disliked - government is"). I do not have a doctorate degree, and I sincerely hope that Dr. Vitez is a medical doctor and not a professor of history. My limited knowledge of the Hungarian uprising was that it occurred in 1956, not 1957. Secondly, it was not only unsuccessful, it was a slaughter. Some 200,000 Soviet troops with tanks and armored cars intervened. Some 200,000 Hungarians fled the country. Thousands were arrested and executed, including the premier, Imre Nagy. Wayne Johnson, Evans, Ga.
Regarding America's war protesters: I know everyone has the right to have their say, but they need to rally behind the troops and not cause riots over here. Doug Weaver, Augusta
The report by Jeremy Craig on March 28 in the Metro section, "Ex-POWs fear troops' fate," which interviewed some former prisoners of war in the Augusta area, was very cruel. Amy Yarsinske and Ken Badke could have kept their comments out of the paper.
I am an Augusta resident, but I attended high school with missing Army Sgt. George Edward Buggs of Barnwell, S.C. I always remembered him as a qKaren Brooks, Augustauiet, well-mannered young man. Karen Brooks, Augusta
We are brainwashed daily by President George W. Bush, who promises us the "liberation of the Iraqis." Joaquin Godoy, Aiken, S.C.


Clean up invitation for adults-only party

In the know
In 2002, the IRS ruled that overweight Americans are eligible for a tax break on the cost of weight-loss services when prescribed by a doctor to treat obesity. The approved costs can be reimbursed through "flexible spending" accounts for medical expenses.
Plain walls won't stand a chance once you've gotten your hands on Kerry Skinner's The Paint Effects Bible.
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica - During a recent trip to Costa Rica, I found myself constantly looking up to see the host of exotic animals that reside in this beautiful country.
A favorite pastime led Buford and Betty Knight to their new home nearly 15 years ago.
Dear Carson: I am helping a friend print some bridal-shower invitations and we can't seem to agree on the wording. She wants to write "adults only" and I want "adults-only affair." I think her way sounds R-rated and might give the impression that perhaps adult entertainment, such as a male stripper, might be proffered entertainment, and I think my way sounds more proper. We need some advice quick. - R-Rated or Proper

Panel OKs cuts in state budget

Woman's killer gets life sentence
The following is a list of Richmond County restaurants inspected by the health department during the first quarter of 2003, January through March. The list includes the dates and scores of the inspections. The restaurants are not notified in advance of the inspectors' visits.

Across Georgia
The relationship only lasted a few weeks, but it was enough time for Pennenton Mills to accuse and abuse Aisa Moye and finally kill her.
Kenneth Pruitt offered neither apology nor explanation Friday for why Gary Collins had to die a year ago. He stood mute as the judge sentenced him to two consecutive life sentences.

Audit hits purchasing office
CAMILLA - As they did three years ago, residents are picking up the pieces left by a tornado that struck before dawn March 20, which took a nearly identical path through Camilla as the one on Valentine's Day 2000. This year's storm left six people dead and dozens injured and destroyed 134 homes.

Wounded Iraqis get medical aid from U.S.
SENECA - Already heightened security at Oconee Nuclear Station will be increased Monday when a reactor head replacement is brought to the plant, officials say.
Mary Westbrook of Augusta is today's subscriber of the day.
Brownies from St. Mary on the Hill Catholic School say a prayer for troops overseas during the "Walk of Hope," during which the members of Brownie Troop 115 placed flags along a walkway at the school in honor of the soldiers
Andrew P. Jones spends seven hours every weekday traveling from his home in Louisville to Augusta's University Hospital to receive chemotherapy. When his eyes brim with tears, however, they are not for his plight.
ATLANTA - Democratic House leaders said Friday they have met Republicans halfway with a new version of the state budget that slashes spending far beyond what Gov. Sonny Perdue asked.

Relatives box items for soldiers of 319th
SOUTH OF BAGHDAD - All night Thursday, the old woman sat by her husband's side. She patted him and talked. If the man got sick, the Iraqi woman helped U.S. Army medics clean him.

Across South Carolina
ST. MARYS, Ga. - A thick cloud of sand gnats swarmed a group of elementary school pupils participating in an outdoor science class, but nobody asked for insect repellent.
CAMP VIPER, Iraq - Troops moving through Iraq are leaving behind a not-so-pretty touch of home.
SPRINGFIELD, Ga. - Patrol cars in Effingham County are getting a new look with some changes Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie hopes will save money on repairs and maintenance.

Augusta gets meeting about child care fund
Kathy Temple of Aiken kept a picture of her 22-year-old son Trent taped to her shirt during a gathering Friday of family members of the 319th Transport Company, now in Iraq.

Board elects to fire leaders

Across South Carolina
Standing on the sidelines, Audrey Wright was all smiles cheering for her son just before his race Friday at the 27th annual Richmond County Special Olympics.

Split government bickers
By the end of business Friday, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Dudley H. Bowen Jr. still had not issued a ruling on the American Civil Liberties Union's challenge of Augusta's protest ordinance.

Across the area
Augusta is under the microscope during the week of the Masters Tournament, and so are the city's restaurants.

Rants and raves
Comments from readers:

YDC guards' leave lengthens

Richmond County restaurant ratings

Crime witness is charged with taking evidence

Columbia County restaurant ratings

Police cars get thrifty update

Medicaid is left alone by state's budget cuts

Rants and raves
RAVES TO THE noticeable increase in drivers who are pulled over on the side of the road to talk on their cell phones.
Comments from readers:
The paid suspensions of six Augusta Youth Development Campus guards have been extended by almost another month by the state Department of Juvenile Justice as the agency continues its investigation into "alleged misconduct" by the officers.
A Lincolnton, Ga., man said he was attacked and robbed Saturday by three men while he was in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Pupils test water for UGA project
ATHENS -The last thing police want is for their tires to blow out in the middle of a chase or when they're pulling someone over.

Across the area
COLUMBIA -Police have dropped a trespassing charge against a 57-year-old activist accused of protesting outside a designated area during a presidential visit.

Judge gives killer two life sentences
REFUELING POINT ANDERSON, Iraq - As American forces worked to take Baghdad on Saturday, the 319th Transportation Company's fleet was at the fuel depot in central Iraq that is as close to the front lines as the company has been.

Across Georgia
Nearly eight months after a Augusta-Richmond County special grand jury issued a scathing review of the city's purchasing department, internal auditors released a similar, but far less critical, report on the office's operations.
RAVES TO THE noticeable increase in drivers who are pulled over on the side of the road to talk on their cell phones.
Denice Traina and her supporters stood in Saturday's downpour to protest the war in Iraq.
A witness in a homicide investigation was charged Friday with tampering with evidence that was vital to the case, Richmond County authorities said.
Spc. Pamela Burke of Atlanta is today's soldier of the day.
ATLANTA - Georgia voters would get a new flag and the chance to vote it off the flagpole and replace it under a compromise reached Friday.
The northwest quadrant of land at the intersection of I-20 and Washington Road may be sporting a $15 million development, including condominiums, apartments and office buildings within the next five years.
RIDGE SPRING, S.C. - April can be the cruelest month for peach growers, a time to keep fingers crossed that a late frost won't kill the tiny, naked fruit that has just shucked its protective shell.
BARNWELL, S.C. - The waiting came to an end Saturday for the family of Sgt. George E. Buggs.
Augusta will be the site of the first of six public hearings in Georgia to receive comments on child care services as outlined in the state's Child Care and Development Fund Plan.
As Aiken pumps millions of dollars into housing improvements on the economically depressed north side, one of the area's largest property owners remains unconvinced the plan will be a success.
Suspended administrators at a troubled Augusta mental health center were effectively fired when they were booted from the center's management company, officials said.
The following is a list of Columbia County restaurants inspected by the health department during the first quarter of 2003, January through March. The list includes the dates and scores of the inspections. The restaurants are not notified in advance of the inspectors' visits.

Cancer center has big dreams

Wallace's year has been the pits
TALLADEGA, Ala. - Smaller gas tanks for the Aaron's 499 at the Talladega Superspeedway mean extra pit stops Sunday. For Rusty Wallace, that means extra pitfalls.
TALLADEGA, Ala. - While the pole position Friday for the Aaron's 499 wouldn't have meant a lot to most drivers at Talladega Superspeedway, it was everything to Jeremy Mayfield.
Making a run to his beloved Waffle House or Chick-fil-A used to mean a short drive across town. Now it requires flying across the Atlantic Ocean.
NEW ORLEANS - Roy Williams and Kansas came close to perfection Saturday night, and even closer to that elusive national title.
NEW ORLEANS -- Dwyane Wade juggles basketball, books and a baby.
ATLANTA -- Connecticut always makes it look so easy. Lose four brilliant seniors, replace them with high school All-Americans, and just keep winning.
NEW ORLEANS -- Aaron Miles' confidence made him a freshman starter for a Final Four team.
When Rick Barnes took over as coach at Texas five years ago, the program was in disarray under the threat of player lawsuits and defections.
The teams in the Final Four:
NEW ORLEANS - CarmeloAnthonyshowed off his skills and Syracuse earned another chance to win the national championship, in of all places, the Superdome.
NEW ORLEANS -- It's all in the eyes. That's where Kueth Duany always looks.
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Mr. Boykin Trumpler (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mrs. Monica Haskell (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. David Ghingold (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Janice Thompson (UNION POINT, Ga.)

Mrs. Mae ORourke (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mrs. SaNelle Callaway (RAYLE, Ga.)

Mrs. Geraldine Weibel (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mrs. Geraldine Weibel (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mr. Kenneth Rooks (THOMSON, Ga.)

Mrs. Rena Dalfino (SYLVANIA, Ga.)

Ms. Annie Mealing (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Ms. Levette Ellis (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Sadie Cooner (BAMBERG, S.C.)

Mrs. Eleanor Bell (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mr. James Crews (SARDIS, Ga.)

Mrs. Johnnie Thomas (TRENTON, S.C.)

Mr. David Koski (SYLVANIA, Ga.)

Mrs. Mary Smith (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Monica Haskell (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Louise Comstock (ATLANTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Shirley Williamson (BEECH ISLAND, S.C.)

Mrs. Evelyn Culpepper (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Bertha Petett (MARTINEZ, Ga.)

Mr. Robert W. Coach III (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mr. Butler Patterson Sr. (SYCAMORE, S.C.)

Mrs. Kay Chustz (GRANITEVILLE, S.C.)

Mr. Boykin Trumpler (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mr. Joseph Bishop (BLACKVILLE, S.C.)

Mrs. Pearl Stepongzi (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Charlie Johnson Sr. (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Johnny Castro (TRW AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. David Taylor (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mrs. Rosa Boyd (BEECH ISLAND, S.C.)

Ms. Mary Germany (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Margaret Williams (BATESBURG, S.C.)

Ms. Annie Mealing (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mr. William Hankerson (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Kenneth Rooks (THOMSON, Ga.)

Dr. Connie Dabney (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Vertrille Boyer (GROVETOWN, Ga.)

Mrs. Marietta Bazemore (SYLVANIA, Ga.)

Mr. James Carroll (BARNWELL, S.C.)

Mrs. Fannie Clark (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Willie Cater (ATLANTA, Ga.)

Mr. James Walker (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Miss Eliza Nelson (SWAINSBORO, Ga.)

Mr. Ransom Harris Jr. (TRENTON, S.C.)

Mr. Arnold Cleveland (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Mattie Chalker (GIBSON, Ga.)

Terrell Walker (ESTILL, S.C.)

Mr. Norman Daniels (THOMSON, Ga.)

Mrs. Gloria Lovett (ALEXANDER, Ga.)

Mr. William Cantrell (GREENSBORO, Ga.)

Mr. Melvin Nelson (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Lending law must protect rights of consumers
WHENEVER A NEW law comes before South Carolina's General Assembly, it usually results in a process for legislators not unlike walking a tightrope.
WHENEVER A NEW law comes before South Carolina's General Assembly, it usually results in a process for legislators not unlike walking a tightrope.



Area sports announcements
Buddy Gil survived another close race and earned himself a trip to the Kentucky Derby.
Note: Announcements for participatory events must be written, delivered, mailed or faxed to The Augusta Chronicle, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903-1928, with a return address and phone number. No phone calls will be accepted. Fax number: (706) 823-3408. The announcements will be published weekly.
Defending champion Laura Coble of Augusta defeatedPatti Huxford of Cumming 4 and 3 to win her third consecutive Georgia Women's Match Play Championship at Sunset Hills County Club in Carrollton, Ga.
ATHENS, Greece -- IOC president Jacques Rogge promised increased inspections of construction projects in Athens leading up to the 2004 Olympics.
Gene McIntyre's fascination with Bomber lures led him to attempt the unthinkable: find at least one example of each size and color.
Tuesday, April 15: The Sierra Club meets at 7:30 p.m. at the Unitarian Church, Walton Way Extension. The program is Georgia's Adopt-A-Stream project. Public is welcome. Call 863-2324 for details.

Outdoors calendar
Deer hunting with dogs will be restricted in four Georgia counties this fall after a landowner survey found overwhelming sentiment against the practice, according to Georgia's Wildlife Resources Division.
ATLANTA - Day 33 of every General Assembly session spells the end of the line for a host of bills.
ATLANTA - Some of the state's most popular, sorely needed programs took big hits in the latest round of spending cuts, yet Medicaid, the largest chunk of the state budget next to education, was untouched.
The Faith and Fellowship Calendar is a roundup of church- and temple-based activities in the Augusta and Aiken area. Space is limited. Deadline is noon Monday. E-mail items to; send a fax to 722-7403; or mail to Faith and Fellowship, The Augusta Chronicle Newsroom, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903-1928.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - In the aftermath of war, Iraq is expected to face a massive humanitarian crisis, with hunger, homelessness and disease threatening the nation's 24 million people.
As I write this article, our nation is waging a war against another nation, Iraq, with which we have grave disagreements. And another nation (Israel) in that same region is at serious disagreement with Palestinians.
WASHINGTON - The United Methodist Church's 2004 General Conference will take up the debate over whether to change its stand against homosexual conduct, despite heavy support for existing policy at the last gathering in 2000.
A 140-foot chip shot can change a life. Ask Larry Mize.

Deer hunting with dogs faces limitations
During his first two seasons, Georgia quarterback David Greene could lead with the flick of his left wrist or a check into the right play.

Georgia QB settles into leader's role

Red eats up Black on G-Day
ATHENS, Ga. - Steak and lobster were the only things at stake in Saturday's G-Day game, so Darrius Swain must have been pretty hungry.
COLUMBIA - The University of South Carolina said former Gov. Jim Hodges met a second time with football recruits last year, violating NCAA rules.
NORTH AUGUSTA- Nancy Carolyn Lemmon of Columbia, and Jody Darin Lane of Lake City, S.C., were married at noon Saturday, April 5, 2003, at Grace United Methodist Church. The Rev. Dr. James Adams officiated.
AUGUSTA- Angel Maria Maddux of Augusta, and Mark Samuel Wise of Graniteville, were married at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, April 5, 2003, at The Marion Hatcher Center. The Rev. Frank Copeland officiated.
BEECH ISLAND- Margaret Greenwood of Beech Island, and Charles Wilson I, of Augusta, were married at 4 p.m. Saturday, March 15, 2003, at Hazel Grove Baptist Church. The Rev. Henry Ingram, Sr. officiated.
AUGUSTA- Sharon Lee Meadows and Wayne Ellis Koszegi, both of Martinez, were married Saturday, April 6, 2002, at The Church of the Most Holy Trinity. Fathers Allan J. McDonald and James D. Hager officiated.
APPLING- Nancy Elizabeth Wolf of Evans, and Joshua Erik Glymph of Appling, were married at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 5, 2003, at Kiokee Baptist Church. The Rev. Jonathan Melchoir officiated.
KEY WEST, Fla.- Katrina Moore of Greenwood, S.C., and Joshua Denny of Columbia, S.C., were married at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, January 2, 2003, in Key West, Fla.
AUGUSTA- Leigh Anne Lewis and John Francis Harp, both of Augusta, were married at 5 p.m. Saturday, April 5, 2003, at Evangelical Lutheran Church of The Resurrection. The Rev. David B. Hunter, Sr. officiated.
ORLANDO, Fla.- Heather Renee Mobley of Plantation, Fla., and Jason Hamilton Mikes of Winter Park, Fla., were married at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 28, 2002, at Walt Disney Worlds Wedding Pavilion. The Rev. Samuel Skip Parvin officiated.
AUGUSTA- Kimberly Nicole Shell and Lewis Dean Poteet III, both of Hephzibah, were married at 6 p.m. Saturday, April 5, 2003, at Calvary Baptist Church. The Rev. George Holcombe officiated.
COLUMBIA, S.C.- Julie Lynette Roberts of Columbia, and Adam Blake Wiggins of North Augusta, were married at 5 p.m. Saturday, April 5, 2003, at Killian Baptist Church. The Rev. Ronald Avant officiated.


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