NEW YORK -- As Civil War soldiers lay injured in the makeshift hospitals of Washington, D.C., Walt Whitman walked among them, bearing food and bandages.
NEW YORK -- Black actors coax a white woman from the audience to the stage. There, bathed in awkwardness, she reluctantly launches into a minstrel dance.
Sammy Sosa takes a shot at history, Hideki Matsui makes his major league debut and most fans get their first look at Great American Ball Park as baseball gets into full swing Monday.
WRIGHTSVILLE, Ga. -- When Joe Martin started playing baseball, he batted right-handed. But his brother persuaded him to switch sides of the batting box for more power and control.
NEW YORK -- Pete Rose is writing another autobiography.
CINCINNATI -- Baseball commissioner Bud Selig kept a low profile in Pete Rose's hometown Monday as the Cincinnati Reds officially opened a new ballpark that pays tribute to the hits king.

Spaghetti doesn't grow on trees, except on April 1
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- A woman fed up with drivers speeding through her neighborhood took matters into her own hands: She posted speed limit signs in her yard.
MARLOW, N.H. -- A woman accused of trying to have her husband killed is moving back in with him and the couple say they want to give their relationship another chance.

Injuries hurt, help Braves on Opening Day
ATLANTA - For a dozen years, the Braves have stressed pitching and defense.
NEW YORK -- Tom Glavine got off to a great start - for all of one pitch.
ATLANTA - He was supposed to represent a future class of Braves' Hall of Famers, carrying on the tradition of Kid Nichols and Hugh Duffy, Warren Spahn and Eddie Mathews, Hank Aaron and Phil Niekro.

Pitching, errors tough to overcome for Braves
ATLANTA - This is not how Mike Hampton, Paul Byrd, Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez, and Vladimir Guerrero expected to begin the season - nursing injuries and serving a suspension for fighting.
NEW YORK -- Many on Wall Street were alarmed by stocks' steep slide this past Monday, believing investors would send stocks plunging after having underestimated how long the war with Iraq might last.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - HealthSouth Corp. fired Richard Scrushy as chairman and CEO, severing ties with its founder as a third executive pleaded guilty Monday in a mushrooming accounting scandal.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Federal regulators are investigating stock purchases by Wachovia Corp. and First Union Corp., focusing on trades that followed the April 2001 announcement of their merger, Wachovia said Monday.
LOS ANGELES -- Barry Diller has been saying for years that his passions have shifted from the entertainment industry to the fledgling world of electronic commerce.
Golf car maker E-Z-Go has laid off an undisclosed number of workers at its Augusta headquarters and national sales branches, company officials said Monday.
NEW YORK - For many entrepreneurs, it's the small-business version of the American dream: a startup that is hugely successful and grows beyond their expectations.
The nation's largest wireless service provider has completed its move into the Augusta market.
DETROIT -- Kmart Corp. announced the elimination of 660 jobs as part of the bankrupt retailer's efforts to cut costs.
PHILADELPHIA -- When the Clarion County commissioners learned some of their employees were worried about paying taxes while on active military duty, they checked their records to see what could be done.

Fix indigent defense
"I just have such strong feelings for the board members because they are faced with the terrible decision of impacting programs that are innovative and prestigious and offer such great opportunities for our students. But they have no other choice."
When the Nuclear Regulatory Commission issues environmental impact statements on proposed projects, the effect that worst-case scenarios could have on poor and minority communities must be included.
Freshman state Rep. John Noel, D-Atlanta, is finding out it doesn't pay to have a sense of humor in the legislature. He seems taken aback at the criticism he's received for a bill he and four co-sponsors filed this week that would make it a misdemeanor "of a high and aggravated nature" not to offer sweet tea in Georgia restaurants that serve iced tea.
With only a few legislative weeks left, Georgia's divided government is having an awful time not only deciding on a budget and flag referendum, but also on how to deal with its indigent defense crisis. Squabbles over reform may leave the system unchanged for at least another year.

Sweet sense of humor

Terrible choices

'Worst case' unlikely
Peter Arnett's reporting was tolerated, at best, because of past prestige, his unmatched access in Iraq and, not incidentally, because his far-left views fit in well with liberal television networks.

'Baghdad Rose'
CINCINNATI -- Paavo Jarvi, principal conductor and music director of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, has signed a four-year contract extension that will keep him through the 2008-09 season.
Fans of the Legend of Zelda series are in for a huge treat.
NEW YORK - Now that war in Iraq has begun, financial pros say investors' best strategy is to maintain the conservative approach many have maintained for much of Wall Street's three-year slide.
Want a faster refund? The IRS says that more taxpayers are choosing direct deposit as the way to get their federal tax refunds. The payment is more secure there is no check to get lost. And, it's more convenient no special trip to the bank to deposit a check! To request direct deposit, follow the instructions for "Refund" on your tax return.
CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- Ryan Braun had three hits, including his team-leading ninth home run, to lift Miami to a rain-shortened, 17-16 win over Georgia Tech on Sunday.
NEW YORK -- Bob Knight and Texas Tech are set to return to the NIT for the 2003-04 season.

Palmer uses mulligan for Masters
WASHINGTON -- Martha Burk contends she was misunderstood when she said the all-male membership at Augusta National Golf Club was an affront to women in the armed forces.
Former Masters Tournament champions can make long-range plans to play at Augusta National Golf Club again.
PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- His hand on his hip, Tiger Woods skulked over to the long grass, bent down, tore a tuft out of the ground and threw it into the wind.
PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- Davis Love III provided the charge everyone expected from Tiger Woods and delivered a performance every bit as dominant Sunday in The Players Championship.
RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. -- Patricia Meunier-Lebouc kept talking all week about how much fun it was to play with Annika Sorenstam. It didn't compare, though, to the joy of beating her to win a major championship.
PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. - When the numbers were crunched Sunday evening, and the final invitations to the 67th Masters Tournament handed out, Jay Haas was first in line.
NEW DELHI, India -- Former PGA Tour player Mike Cunning won his first title in seven years Sunday, shooting an 8-under-par 64 for a five-stroke victory at the Asian PGA Tour's Indian Open.
Here is a list of Masters qualifiers (through March 31).
A couple of Augusta National Golf Club members sat down in the office of the Masters chairman last week with a bone to pick.

Masters Qualifiers
Arnold Palmer spoke too soon last April. The four-time champion simply isn't ready to retire from playing in the Masters Tournament.
Ask Annika Sorenstam how she'll do against the men at Colonial and she talks about walking away with her head high on Sunday, knowing she has done her best.
DAMASCUS, Syria -- Syria's foreign minister Sunday criticized the U.S. government for attacking Iraq, saying it was leading the American people to "catastrophe" by putting them in direct confrontation with the international community.
HINDIYAH, Iraq -- Trading fire with Iraqis hidden behind brick walls and hedges, U.S. Army forces spearheading the drive on Baghdad battled their way into this town 50 miles from the capital Monday and captured dozens of members of Saddam Hussein's vaunted Republican Guard.
- Front-line U.S. troops resumed a slow advance toward Baghdad on Sunday, meeting friendly farmers and little else, while British forces pushed inside Basra with the help of its besieged citizens.
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraq gave $34,000 to the family of an Iraqi army officer who killed four U.S. soldiers in a suicide attack, and the leader of the militant group Islamic Jihad said Sunday its volunteers had gone to Baghdad for similar bombing missions against the "American invasion."
CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar -- The U.S. Central Command said Monday that captured Iraqis are being treated as prisoners of war but said there would be accountability for any terrorist acts that would violate the rules of war.
WASHINGTON -- The nation's top generals and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld defended their Iraqi strategy on Sunday against new criticism they had underestimated the opposition and started the war with too few troops.
SOUTH-CENTRAL IRAQ -- Thousands of Marines pushed north toward Baghdad in "seek-and-destroy" missions Sunday, trying to open the route to the Iraqi capital and stop days of attacks along the stretch that has become known as "Ambush Alley."
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Saddam Hussein set up a system giving his most trusted lieutenants and local tribal leaders the power to mount a guerrilla campaign or other military measures without waiting for his orders.
NEW YORK -- NBC fired journalist Peter Arnett on Monday, saying it was wrong for him to give an interview with state-run Iraqi TV in which he said the American-led coalition's initial plan for the war had failed because of Iraq's resistance. Arnett called the interview a "misjudgment" and apologized.
WASHINGTON -- American forces are searching a terrorist compound in northeastern Iraq that was probably the site where militants made a biological toxin, traces of which were later found by police in London, the Pentagon's top general said Sunday.
WASHINGTON -- American units began probing attacks in a rim around the southern outskirts of Baghdad in another effort to pave the way for the battle for the capital, defense officials said Monday.
Thousands of Iraqi Shiites who fled into Iran to escape repression by Saddam Hussein are poised to return home if he is dethroned, with some bringing extra baggage: strong anti-American sentiment.
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraq's foreign minister confidently predicted Monday that Iraqi forces would defeat American and British forces and said only surrender would save coalition troops from the "holocaust" the Iraqi people are preparing for them.
WASHINGTON -- U.S. troops are ready to launch a major assault against Iraqi Republican Guard forces protecting Baghdad, but the commanding general may wait for pressure to build on Saddam Hussein before striking, war planners said Sunday.
SOUTHERN IRAQ -- A Marine UH-1 Huey helicopter crashed at a forward supply and refueling point in southern Iraq on Sunday, killing three U.S. servicemen and wounding one, the U.S. military said.
AN NASIRIYAH, Iraq -- American lawyers and legal officials in military uniform, toting weighty law books and ready to establish martial law, are traveling with U.S. and British troops surging into Iraq.
KUWAIT CITY -- A man in civilian clothes drove a pickup truck into a group of U.S. soldiers standing outside a store at the Kuwaiti desert base of Camp Udairi on Sunday, wounding 15 of them, a U.S. military official said.
ABOARD THE USS KITTY HAWK -- Every time Lt. Cmdr. Brady Bartosh slams his fighter jet onto the carrier deck at 180 mph, a dozen or so grease-stained mechanics rush out - but it's not him they're interested in, it's his multimillion-dollar plane.
CAMP UDAIRI, Kuwait -- A high-tech system of air filters working in a series of tents is the pride of a new U.S. Army combat hospital designed to protect staff and patients from chemical attack.
TAQTAQ, Iraq -- Kurdish fighters took control Sunday of more territory left by Iraqi forces withdrawing toward the major oil center of Kirkuk, apparently to tighten defenses around northern Iraq.
NEAR NAJAF, Iraq -- The 101st Airborne Division encircled the Shiite holy city of Najaf on Sunday, preparing for a possible door-to-door battle to root out Saddam Hussein's fighters - but leery of damaging some of the faith's most sacred shrines.
The late Louis Harris, a longtime editor of this newspaper, was known for a sense of humor that often came out on April Fool's Day.
Medical College of Georgia is close to an agreement with the American Medical Association that could lead to the college's teaching disaster medicine courses across the country, officials said.
WASHINGTON -- An American prisoner of war has been rescued in Iraq, a U.S. official said Tuesday.
The Augusta Chronicle experienced major problems with its press late Sunday night, which has delayed the delivery of today's newspaper.
A couple of Augusta National Golf Club members sat down in the office of the Masters chairman last week with a bone to pick.
Police suspect foul play in the death of a 55-year-old Augusta man whose body was discovered by friends this morning in a home near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.
The operation to liberate Iraq rages on and American soldiers are being killed. Their untimely and heroic deaths bring back a flood of memories of my childhood. Tommy John, Martinez, Ga.
I wonder if anyone has noticed the foreign buy-out of a huge chunk of our drinking water works? According to the Feb. 12 Charleston Gazette, three European water companies have expanded into every region of the world. A German industrial giant paid $8.6 billion for 800 water systems serving 15 million people in 27 states and three Canadian provinces. Robert Periano, Augusta
Remarks have been made to the effect that perhaps folks from outside Aiken, S.C., shouldn't have input into Savannah River Site policy. Let us remember that SRS, the largest nuclear weapons facility in the United States, has been completely funded by U.S. taxpayers. Our money pays every salary, builds every building and purchases every gram of plutonium manufactured in this nation.Glenn Carroll, Decatur, Ga.
The saying, "Lead, follow or get out of the way," clearly applies to Ellen Goodman's March 22 column ("Nation has gone from 'let's roll' to rolling the dice in Iraq"). Jim Long, North Augusta, S.C.
I believe that President George W. Bush is the worst, most inept person to ever occupy the White House. Since he stole the presidency, America has been going downhill. Paul L. Cook, Augusta
I read in the March 24 Chronicle that candidates for the Georgia Regional Police Academy are now eligible for HOPE scholarships. This bothers me. R. Thomas Sumner, Augusta
I would like to thank The Chronicle for having sponsored the U.S. Army Field Band and Soldiers' Chorus concert held March 23 at the Bell Auditorium. The performance was excellent and obviously timely. I'm sure that everyone there enjoyed every moment of it. Bryce Brown, Aiken, S.C.
I feel compelled to write this due to terminations of Richmond County jailers by Sheriff Ronnie Strength. Following the stories, I was intrigued that both Mr. Strength's office and the media consistently used words such as "accused," "allegations" and "alleged." David W. Smith, Waynesboro, Ga.
The March 26 letter by Ingrid Jansen, "Rambo-style president paints backers of peace as unpatriotic," proves that World War II has not been taught in school. Where would these peace-loving people be who have demonstrated against their president going to war against Iraq if we had let Adolf Hitler run to and fro all over Europe? They wouldn't be demonstrating or showing their signs ... Our First Amendment right of free speech would have been gone. Vernon Blanchard, Appling, Ga.
Your March 26 editorial, "Unpatriotic protests," is troubling. You say it's not possible to support the troops without supporting the war. That's patently ridiculous - most war protesters genuinely want all American troops back home safe and sound and, whenever there is a battle involving those troops, the protesters certainly aren't hoping we lose that battle. Jim Murrah, Martinez, Ga.
I just read your Metro article on March 24, "House demands Chicks apology," and I am torn between outrage and dismay. As a former military member and wife of a current active duty soldier, I feel that Rep. Catherine Ceips, R-Beaufort, S.C., should be the one issuing an apology. Patricia Allen, Hephzibah, Ga.
The issue of smoking in public restaurants and bars has a very simple answer. Why must the government make everything so difficult? Ronnie Conrad, Augusta
I read that Arnold Palmer is "disappointed" at the position taken by the Masters' leadership. I wonder if the archives reveal any similar feeling on his part when the club would not change the rules whenever it seemed that a black would qualify for participation in the Masters tournament. Steven Lemon, Augusta

Senior calendar
The Seniors Calendar lists activities and groups of interest to senior citizens. Please call the service agencies for information. To have your activity listed, write to Seniors Calendar, The Augusta Chronicle, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903-1928. Send a fax to 722-7403 or e-mail to Please include the name and phone number of a contact person.
Crafts and an egg hunt will be offered from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday at the site of the new Augusta-Richmond County library at Diamond Lakes.
When's the last time you filled up for less than $15?

Add it up, season was a let down

Lynx prepare for interesting off-season
With the long and laborious season finally over on the ice, the question now is: What happens next with the Augusta Lynx off the ice?

Lynx end frustration
The equation for failure for the Augusta Lynx in 2002-03 boils down to simple mathematics.
A pair of banners on display at Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center eloquently summed up the 2002-03 season for the Augusta Lynx.
CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Downtown Charleston is preparing for a motorcycle rally planned for Easter weekend by getting the City Council to pass an ordinance against loud revving of engines and "clamorous singing, yelling, shouting, whooping, bellowing, hollering."

MCG pursues teaching disaster medicine courses

Budget is still waiting to pass
The remains of an elderly woman last seen before Thanksgiving have been found in her home, said Investigator Shannon Mitchell, of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Alternative schools face cuts

Press problems delay today's newspaper delivery

Augusta group submits bid for cancer program
FORT STEWART, Ga. - Staff Sgt. Mary Moore has the grimmest job a soldier can draw. She must notify the next of kin when a soldier is wounded or killed in battle.
Richmond County deputies have arrested three teenagers in a rash of car break-ins at automobile repair shops, authorities said.
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Legislators are trying to give the state's military personnel breaks as the U.S. wages war on Iraq.
Augusta expects to have a new animal control facility by the end of August and a permanent director to run it well before then.
A Georgia soldier made a daring rescue of an elderly woman who was caught in gunfire Monday as U.S. Army forces battled their way into Hindiyah, Iraq, 50 miles away from Baghdad.

Friends find man's body in home
AIKEN - When the Aiken County school board holds a special budget meeting tonight, members will face an unwelcome prospect: slashing programs and hitting property owners with a hefty tax increase for the second year in a row.

Across South Carolina
GRANITEVILLE - Firefighters were unable to save the life of an elderly woman in a Monday afternoon blaze that destroyed her home.
MARCH, 31, 1993 Augusta officials, undeterred by the failure of a large-scale annexation program in the Legislature, are gearing up to take matters into their own hands.
ATLANTA - Three health-care coalitions, including groups based in Augusta and Savannah, have filed applications with the state to begin regional cancer programs.
A man who was awaiting trial on murder charges was killed early Sunday morning in an automobile accident on Georgia Highway 56 just north of Brown Road, authorities said.
When school begins in the fall, some Richmond County elementary school pupils will be attending a new school.
NORTH AUGUSTA - The children who used to play tricks on her by putting caterpillars on her head when they walked by still come to visit.
THIS IS JUST a comment. If this war is about protecting our country, why doesn't George Bush's daughter and nephew join in the fight?
ATLANTA -- Georgia's spotty record of providing lawyers for poor people accused of crimes has been called a crisis - but squabbles over the best plan for reform may leave the system unchanged for at least another year.
APRIL 1, 1923 Augusta fans will have the opportunity to see some sure enough big-time baseball at Warren Park on Saturday when Ty Cobb's Tigers meet the St. Louis Cardinals.
BEAUFORT, S.C. -- A high school principal here says there were no problems when students wore shirts with Confederate flags until one student was suspended for distributing white supremacy leaflets that contained images of the banner.
Today's subscriber of the day is Albert McCorkle of Augusta.

Grandson is accused of assault
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- South Carolina residents should limit the amount of fish they eat from certain bodies of water because of mercury contamination, state health officials said Monday.

Budget crisis hurts schools
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday that he expects Saddam Hussein's regime will be toppled in a matter of weeks.

Across Georgia
CONYERS, Ga. -- Pfc. Diego Fernando Rincon wanted to serve his adopted country and help avenge the Sept. 11 attacks. As a solider, he died in a terrorist attack on the other side of the world.
ATLANTA -- Georgia's smallpox vaccination program is continuing despite recent federal reports on the vaccine that caused at least two other states to temporarily halt their programs, state health officials said Monday.
ATLANTA -- Budget writers in the Georgia House began looking Monday for ways to plug a $400 million budget hole for next year through spending cuts or tax increases but made no final decisions.
ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- The next security experts to deploy from Robins Air Force Base likely will have four legs and tails.
AIKEN - A multimillion-dollar affordable housing campaign in Gloverville that officials hope will increase community pride and spark additional development is set to begin.

American forces rescue Iraq POW Jessica Lynch
Polls for the city of Aiken's redistricting referendum are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today.
BLUFFTON, S.C. - A year ago last Friday, Francisco Belman went to school.
ATLANTA -Georgia's smallpox vaccination program is continuing despite recent federal reports on the vaccine that caused at least two other states to halt their programs temporarily, state health officials said Monday.
SOUTH OF BAGHDAD, Iraq - The story begins Sunday, March 23 - two days after crossing the Iraqi border.
MIAMI -Former University of South Carolina President James Holderman was hospitalized Monday before he could appear in court on charges he offered to launder $2 million for an undercover agent posing as a Russian mobster.
Several Augusta families said goodbye Sunday to 14 Japanese nursing students who were visiting medical facilities this month.
A Blythe teenager broke into his grandmother's home to rob her early Sunday and assaulted her when she woke up, an attack she thought was a bad dream, authorities said.
Lisa Golden was one of the exhibitors at the Summer Extravaganza at Fort Discovery. The event Sunday provided information to parents about upcoming summer programs and camps.
I WOULD LIKE to commend the Jackson and New Ellenton police departments for their response times. I am very appreciative of one call in particular. These guys work hard for their bread and butter. I have the utmost respect for them. Keep up the good work.
AIKEN - Money is the difference between the rich and the poor, but in the cash-strapped Aiken County public schools, a critical lack of greenbacks has become the great equalizer between academically elite pupils and problem children.
The Augusta Commission will convene at 2 p.m. today in the eighth floor commission chamber of the city municipal building at 530 Greene St.
ALBANY, Ga. -- While they can't make Commissioner Arthur K. Williams keep quiet about the war in Iraq, Albany's elected officials want to at least take away his TV audience.
A printing problem delayed delivery of about 60,000 copies of The Augusta Chronicle on Monday.
CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Just when the military is regaining its place of prominence in the Charleston economy, the area is bracing for another round of base closings.

Rants and Raves
THIS IS JUST a comment. If this war is about protecting our country, why doesn't George Bush's daughter and nephew join in the fight?
Today's subscriber of the day is Gina Rose of Martinez.
ATLANTA - Less than three months after Georgia's first divided government in living memory took office, a game of chicken is keeping lawmakers from performing their most basic function: passing a budget.

Soldiers train for sad job

Little has changed in year since boy's fatal beating

Across the area

Teenagers charged in auto break-ins

Across the area

Murder suspect killed in car wreck
JACKSON - When he's not hunting deer or turkey in the dark swamps along the Savannah River, Kenny Jarrett pursues a quarry of a different kind: wood.

County's elementary pupils prepare to shift

Press switch delays paper

Rants and Raves
I WOULD LIKE to commend the Jackson and New Ellenton police departments for their response times. I am very appreciative of one call in particular. These guys work hard for their bread and butter. I have the utmost respect for them. Keep up the good work.

Masters reinstates lifetime exemption
CONYERS, Ga. -- Georgians mourned the loss of two men from the Atlanta suburb of Conyers who were killed in a suicide attack near the city of Najaf in Iraq.

Housing project to begin
PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. - The Tiger Woods of the Hooters Tour is coming to the Masters Tournament. Somewhere, Martha Burk must be hotter than a plate of buffalo wings.
TOKYO -- When Chitose Hajime left her tiny village, population 50, on a coral and mangrove-ringed island off the shores of southern Japan, she had big plans - to become a hairdresser.
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Joe Nemechek's wife was fined $25,000, and his Busch series crew chief suspended for two races Monday by NASCAR for a violation at Texas Motor Speedway.
FORT WORTH, Tex. - The only driver with a college degree in the Samsung/RadioShack 500 proved to be the smartest person at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday.

NASCAR notebook
FORT WORTH, Tex. - Matt Kenseth led 65 laps in Sunday's Samsung/ RadioShack 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway. And while he faded to a sixth-place finish, he was pleased.
DAYTON, Ohio -- Connecticut's Diana Taurasi is so gifted, so talented, so charismatic that even opponents enjoy watching her.
LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Kansas had plenty to celebrate after beating Arizona in the West Regional final.
STANFORD, Calif. -- Sue Gunter's eyes twinkle as she searches her memory for a time before she knew Jody Conradt.
Kentucky and Arizona were supposed to be playing Saturday night, a semifinal matchup that had all the makings of a championship game.
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Alana Beard has gotten all the attention for Duke this season.
The 65th Final Four will have one No. 1 seed, one team back for a second straight year and two schools from the same conference for a fifth straight season.
MILWAUKEE -- The message finally got through to Steve Novak.
EAST LANSING, Mich. -- Michigan State basketball fans overturned four cars, tipped vending machines and set fires in trash bins after the Spartans lost in the NCAA tournament.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Marquette was marvelous, and the reward for the versatile Golden Eagles and energetic coach Tom Crean is what they believed was possible all season - a trip to the Final Four.
SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Kueth Duany is glad to be around for his senior season at Syracuse, especially after last year's disappointment.
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee coach Pat Summitt wanted to know more about Villanova's motion offense last summer.
LAWRENCE, Kan. -- When Jeff Graves gets a double-double nowadays, it's no longer a reference to his chin.
NEW YORK -- Asked about his fondest memories of the city, Bob Knight tilted his head back, crossed his arms and told a story about his first visit, when he was 7.
AUSTIN, Texas -- At a school with little basketball tradition, the Texas Longhorns should be content just to reach the Final Four.
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To know Claude McEver was to know someone who published the truth and who preferred to give the spotlight to others, his friends said Monday.
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Miss Viola Brooks (EASLEY, S.C.)

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Mr. Charles Barney (LANGLEY, S.C.)

Taylor Weatherford (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Frances Parham (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Charles Barney (LANGLEY, S.C.)

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Mr. Edgar Murrah (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Pearl Rowland (ADRIAN, Ga.)

Ms. Alyce Bobal (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

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Mrs. Thelma Martin (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. William Harvey (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mr. Rufus Owens Jr. (HEPHZIBAH, Ga.)

Mr. Francis Dales (WAYNESBORO, Ga.)

Sister Mattie Drayton (ALLENDALE, S.C.)

Mrs. Mary Rambo (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Keyjuan Dixon (WAYNESBORO, Ga.)

Mrs. Mae Thompson (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Philip Martin (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Featured obituary: Mr. Claude McEver

Mr. Daniel Allen (CLEARWATER, S.C.)

Mrs. Denece Randall (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mr. Carlton Pridgen (JACKSON, S.C.)
Major Soccer League will decide by the end of the season where to place two expansion teams, with possibilities ranging from Houston and Philadelphia to smaller markets like Tulsa, Okla., and Rochester, N.Y.
KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. -- Andre Agassi won a record sixth Key Biscayne title, capturing the tournament for the third straight year by beating Carlos Moya 6-3, 6-3 Sunday in the Nasdaq-100 Open final.
KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. -- Now that Serena Williams is off to a 17-0 start this year, she has decided to buckle down and shape up.
PHILADELPHIA -- Two years ago, an upset victory made Hasim Rahman's career. Now a draw may revive it.

Masters rookie Campbell talks, plays like a pro
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Columbia's salvaged data recorder registered unusual temperature spikes in the left wing just seconds after the shuttle experienced the peak heat of re-entry, indicating it was mortally wounded before it began its descent, an official close to the investigation said.
NEW YORK -- Barry Steinhardt is paid to be paranoid.
NEW YORK -- Cheating on income taxes or neglecting to pay sales taxes on online shopping could get you five extra years in prison if the government succeeds in restricting data-scrambling technology, encryption-rights advocates fear.
NEW YORK - Since it began a week ago, TV journalists have worked round-the-clock under brutal conditions to show us the war in Iraq as it happens.
CULVER CITY, Calif. -- Sydney Pollack won the best-director Oscar for "Out of Africa," and his 1982 film, "Tootsie," has been rated the second best comedy of all-time by the American Film Institute.
NEW YORK -- ABC News offers the latest example of how the reputations of television news organizations can rise or fall in the time it takes to flick a remote control.
You don't have to like Joni Mitchell's music - though how could you resist?

Allergies didn't stop sophomore
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Ebony Felder was going on instincts.
ATHENS, Ga. -- Justin McClain's bases-loaded two-run single with no outs capped a four-run ninth inning rally that carried Georgia to a 7-6 victory on Sunday, snapping the Bulldogs' nine-game losing streak and the Tigers' seven-game winning streak.
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- David Marchbanks pitched a complete game, allowing three runs, one of them earned, as South Carolina beat Vanderbilt 8-3 on Sunday.
It's April Fool's Day, and I'll probably have to answer several questions: What's with the flower? Why are you wearing a pansy? And finally - What's freethought?
Gracie Bowles, 16, is a junior at Aquinas High School.
THE FACTS: Arica Mackenzie, 15, is a freshman at North Augusta High School.

Freethinkers will avoid April Fool's dumb pranks
New on video and DVD: Far From Heaven, with Julianne Moore as a 1950s housewife facing a marital crisis and racial tensions; Red Dragon, the precursor to The Silence of the Lambs starring the cannibal we all love to hate - Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins); and The Truth About Charlie, with Mark Wahlberg as a man trying to regain "his" fortune from a Paris widow (Thandie Newton).
Weekly charts for the nation's best-selling recorded music as they appear in Billboard magazine. Platinum signifies more than 1 million copies sold; Gold signifies more than 500,000 copies sold:
THIS WEEK'S PROBLEM: There's this girl that I thought was a really good friend, but now she's getting drunk and is encouraging me to drink and do drugs with her. What should I do? Should I lose her, or continue to be her friend? - 14-year-old Martinez girl.

In the know
Lynn Horseman wants to make some needy teens the belles of the balls at their proms this year.
Once upon a time there was a teen called on to baby sit for her neighbors. Everything was going fine, and she put the children to bed early.
A: There are tons of fad diets out there that require you to cut certain foods out of your daily meals, or even drink some concoction that swears it will increase your metabolism.

Question of the week
The Slacker Confessions, by Tommy Campbell, is a hip, hilarious, urban anthem for all those who've muddled through the modern work world. Mr. Campbell is a stand-up comedian who spent 10 years bouncing around various jobs. He writes about his many experiences and the lessons he learned with flair and an incredible sense of humor. Mr. Campbell has been a rebel, a hard worker, a loafer, a volunteer and a risk taker.

Girl shouldn't get involved with friend's drinking, drugs

Business owner wants to help girls in need enjoy the prom


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