Originally created 03/30/03

Across the southeast

Klan rally runs into counter-protest crowd

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. -Wearing white robes and chanting "White Power," about 30 members of the Ku Klux Klan staged a rare public rally in Greeneville on Saturday in front of several hundred counter-demonstrators and law enforcement officers.

For 90 minutes the Klansmen railed at the crowd of about 300 through a megaphone, and most in the crowd yelled back in opposition.

The only confrontations were verbal, shouted across a line of 100 state troopers in riot gear standing shoulder to shoulder with batons separating the Klansmen from the crowd.

Mayor Darrell Bryan said the Klan, clearly outnumbered by opponents, had to be disappointed.

"It has been a success for us," he said.

Louisianans want to keep Chirac out

NEW ORLEANS -French bashing has even cropped up in Louisiana, the bastion of Cajun and Creole culture that for weeks resisted the anti-French feelings that surfaced when French President Jacques Chirac refused to support the war in Iraq.

A movement has sprung up to stop Mr. Chirac from attending a Dec. 20 re-enactment of the Louisiana Purchase in New Orleans' French Quarter. President Bush and Spanish King Juan Carlos also have been invited to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the purchase.

"President Chirac is unwilling to stand with President Bush and our country when we need them in Iraq. So I don't think he should come stand shoulder to shoulder with us in December," said Bobby Jindal, a Republican candidate for governor.

Man says he'll fight for Bill of Rights

RALEIGH, N.C. -A Connecticut antiques dealer will fight to recover a document seized from him that North Carolina claims is its long-lost copy of the Bill of Rights, his attorney said Friday.

Hugh Stevens, attorney for Wayne Pratt, also disputed federal and state authorities' contention that the document is the one stolen from the North Carolina Statehouse during the Civil War.

"Whatever the document is, and wherever it has been, its authenticity and ownership have yet to be established," he said.

On March 18, FBI agents seized the document claimed by Mr. Pratt, a guest appraiser on the PBS program Antiques Roadshow, after a sting in which an undercover agent posed as a philanthropist interested in buying the document for a Philadelphia museum.


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