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Regardless of situation, attending funeral is right thing to do

Dear Carson: I was wondering if it would be proper for my husband and me to attend the funeral of his daughter's grandfather. He is not yet deceased but is in hospice care. Neither the mother nor the daughter live here, but the daughter is here for his last days. Her mother told her to go home, because this is her last time with her grandfather. I disagree, because my stepdaughter wants to be here. Should we support her by attending the funeral, since she is getting no support from her own mother? - Wants to do the Right Thing

Dear Right: Of course you should go to your stepdaughter's grandfather's funeral. That is the empathetic thing to do, even without the present circumstances.

Dear Carson: I work at a business where I have to know a person's last name in order to take payments for services rendered. It drives me crazy when you ask for a person's last name and the person spells it for you. For example, "The name is Smith; S-m-i-t-h." I find this very rude and think a person should only spell his or her last name when asked. Do you agree? - Losing my Mind at Work

Dear Mind:

I urge you not to feel this way. For instance the letters, D, B, P and E as well as many others, can be easily confused. Hopefully the last name spelling is not stated with a sarcastic tone.

Dear Carson: I believe that when a flag is presented at a meeting it is to be held at attention until the entire procession has entered, the pledge is given and the national anthem sung before it can be set in a stand. Am I correct or would it be proper to place the flag into a stand and then have the rest of the procession, the pledge and the national anthem? This is for a graduation ceremony and one of the graduates will be carrying the flag before joining the other graduates in the procession. - Flag Flummox

Dear Flummox: I honestly do not know the protocol, but my feeling is that placing the flag in its stand is far preferable for use in the situation you describe. Readers with knowledge of the protocol, please write me.

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