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Braves season schedule

March 31/vs. Montreal/1:05 p.m./Turner South & ESPN2

April 2/vs. Montreal/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

April 3/vs. Montreal/7:35 p.m./Turner South

April 4/vs. Florida/7:35 p.m./TBS

April 5/vs. Florida/7:05 p.m./TBS

April 6/vs. Florida/1:05 p.m./TBS

April 7/vs. Florida/1:05 p.m./TBS

April 8/at Philadelphia/7:05 p.m./Turner South

April 9/at Philadelphia/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

April 10/at Philadelphia/3:05 p.m./Turner South

April 11/at Florida/7:35 p.m./TBS

April 12/at Florida/6:05 p.m./TBS

April 13/at Florida/1:35 p.m./TBS

April 15/vs. Montreal*/6:05 p.m./Turner South

April 16/vs. Montreal*/6:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

April 17/vs. Montreal*/3:35 p.m./Turner South

April 18/vs. Philadelphia/7:35 p.m./TBS

April 19/vs. Philadelphia/7:05 p.m./TBS

April 20/vs. Philadelphia/1:05 p.m./TBS

April 22/vs. St. Louis/7:35 p.m./TBS

April 23/vs. St. Louis/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

April 24/vs. St. Louis/7:35 p.m./TBS

April 25/vs. Milwaukee/7:35 p.m./TBS

April 26/vs. Milwaukee/7:05 p.m./TBS

April 27/vs. Milwaukee/1:05 p.m./TBS

April 29/at Houston/8:05 p.m./TBS

April 30/at Houston/8:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

May 1/at Houston/8:05 p.m./TBS

May 2/at Arizona/10:05 p.m./TBS

May 3/at Arizona/10:05 p.m./TBS

May 4/at Arizona/4:35 p.m./Turner South

May 6/vs. Colorado/7:35 p.m./TBS

May 7/vs. Colorado/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

May 8/vs. Colorado/7:35 p.m./TBS

May 9/vs. San Francisco/7:35 p.m./TBS

May 10/vs. San Francisco/7:05 p.m./TBS

May 11/vs. San Francisco/1:05 p.m./TBS

May 12/at Los Angeles/10:10 p.m./TBS

May 13/at Los Angeles/10:10 p.m./TBS

May 14/at Los Angeles/10:10 p.m./Fox Sports Net

May 15/at San Diego/5:05 p.m./Turner South

May 16/at San Diego/10:05 p.m./TBS

May 17/at San Diego/10:05 p.m./TBS

May 18/at San Diego/5 p.m./Turner South

May 20/at Cincinnati/7:10 p.m./Turner South

May 21/at Cincinnati/7:10 p.m./Fox Sports Net

May 22/at Cincinnati/7:10 p.m./Turner South

May 23/vs. N.Y. Mets/7:35 p.m./TBS

May 24/vs. N.Y. Mets/1:15 p.m./Fox-Ch. 54

May 25/vs. N.Y. Mets/1:05 p.m./TBS

May 26/vs. Cincinnati/1:05 p.m./TBS

May 27/vs. Cincinnati/7:35 p.m./TBS

May 28/vs. Cincinnati/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

May 30/at N.Y. Mets/7:10 p.m./TBS

May 31/at N.Y. Mets/1:20 p.m./Fox-Ch. 54

June 1/at N.Y. Mets/8:05 p.m./ESPN

June 3/vs. Texas/7:35 p.m./TBS

June 4/vs. Texas/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

June 5/vs. Texas/1:05 p.m./TBS

June 6/vs. Pittsburgh/7:35 p.m./TBS

June 7/vs. Pittsburgh/7:05 p.m./TBS

June 8/vs. Pittsburgh/1:05 p.m./TBS

June 10/at Oakland/10:05 p.m./TBS

June 11/at Oakland/10:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

June 12/at Oakland/3:35 p.m./Turner South

June 14/at Seattle/10:05 p.m./TBS

June 15/at Seattle/3:15 p.m./Fox-Ch. 54

June 16/at Seattle/8:05 p.m./ESPN

June 17/at Philadelphia/7:05 p.m./Turner South

June 18/at Philadelphia/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

June 19/at Philadelphia/1:05 p.m./TBS

June 20/vs. Baltimore/7:35 p.m./TBS

June 21/vs. Baltimore/7:05 p.m./TBS

June 22/vs. Baltimore/1:05 p.m./TBS

June 24/vs. Philadelphia/7:35 p.m./TBS

June 25/vs. Philadelphia/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

June 26/vs. Philadelphia/7:35 p.m./TBS

June 27/at Tampa Bay/7:15 p.m./Turner South

June 28/at Tampa Bay/6:15 p.m./Turner South

June 29/at Tampa Bay/1:15 p.m./TBS

June 30/at Florida/7:05 p.m./Turner South

July 1/at Florida/7:05 p.m./Turner South

July 2/at Florida/6:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

July 3/vs. Montreal/7:35 p.m./Turner South

July 4/vs. Montreal/7:05 p.m./Turner South

July 5/vs. Montreal/7:05 p.m./TBS

July 6/vs. Montreal/1:05 p.m./TBS

July 7/at N.Y. Mets/7:10 p.m./TBS

July 8/at N.Y. Mets/7:10 p.m./TBS

July 9/at N.Y. Mets/12:10 p.m./Fox Sports Net

July 10/at Chicago/2:20 p.m./Turner South

July 11/at Chicago/3:20 p.m./Turner South

July 12/at Chicago/1:15 p.m./Fox-Ch. 54

July 13/at Chicago/2:20 p.m./TBS

July 15/All-Star Game at Chicago (AL)/TBD

July 17/vs. N.Y. Mets/7:35 p.m./TBS

July 18/vs. N.Y. Mets/7:35 p.m./TBS

July 19/vs. N.Y. Mets/1:15 p.m./Fox-Ch. 54

July 20/vs. N.Y. Mets/1:05 p.m./TBS

July 21/vs. Chicago/7:35 p.m./TBS

July 22/vs. Chicago/7:35 p.m./TBS

July 23/vs. Florida/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

July 24/vs. Florida/1:05 p.m./TBS

July 25/at Montreal/7:05 p.m./Turner South

July 26/at Montreal/7:05 p.m./TBS

July 27/at Montreal/1:05 p.m./TBS

July 28/at Montreal/7:05 p.m./Turner South

July 29/vs. Houston/7:35 p.m./TBS

July 30/vs. Houston/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

July 31/vs. Houston/7:35 p.m./TBS

Aug. 1/vs. Los Angeles/7:35 p.m./TBS

Aug. 2/vs. Los Angeles/4:05 p.m./Fox-Ch. 54

Aug. 3/vs. Los Angeles/1:05 p.m./TBS

Aug. 5/at Milwaukee/8:05 p.m./TBS

Aug. 6/at Milwaukee/8:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

Aug. 7/at Milwaukee/2:05 p.m./Turner South

Aug. 8/at St. Louis/8:10 p.m./TBS

Aug. 9/at St. Louis/1:20 p.m./Fox-Ch. 54

Aug. 10/at St. Louis/2:10 p.m./Turner South

Aug. 12/vs. San Diego/7:35 p.m./TBS

Aug. 13/vs. San Diego/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

Aug. 14/vs. San Diego/7:35 p.m./TBS

Aug. 15/vs. Arizona/7:35 p.m./TBS

Aug. 16/vs. Arizona/7:05 p.m./TBS

Aug. 17/vs. Arizona/1:05 p.m./TBS

Aug. 18/vs. Arizona/1:05 p.m./TBS

Aug. 19/at San Francisco/10:10 p.m./TBS

Aug. 20/at San Francisco/10:10 p.m./Fox Sports Net

Aug. 21/at San Francisco/10:10 p.m./TBS

Aug. 22/at Colorado/9:05 p.m./TBS

Aug. 23/at Colorado/8:05 p.m./TBS

Aug. 24/at Colorado/3:05 p.m./TBS

Aug. 26/N.Y. Mets/7:35 p.m./TBS

Aug. 27/N.Y. Mets/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

Aug. 28/N.Y. Mets/7:35 p.m./TBS

Aug. 29/at Pittsburgh/7:05 p.m./Turner South

Aug. 30/at Pittsburgh/1:20 p.m./Fox-Ch. 54

Aug. 31/at Pittsburgh/1:35 p.m./TBS

Sept. 1/at N.Y. Mets/1:10 p.m./TBS

Sept. 2/at N.Y. Mets/7:10 p.m./TBS

Sept. 3/at N.Y. Mets/1:10 p.m./Fox Sports Net

Sept. 5/vs. Pittsburgh/7:35 p.m./TBS

Sept. 6/vs. Pittsburgh/7:05 p.m./Turner South

Sept. 7/vs. Pittsburgh/1:05 p.m./TBS

Sept. 8/vs. Philadelphia/7:35 p.m./TBS

Sept. 9/vs. Philadelphia/7:35 p.m./TBS

Sept. 10/vs. Philadelphia/7:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

Sept. 11/vs. Philadelphia/7:35 p.m./TBS

Sept. 12/at Florida/7:35 p.m./TBS

Sept. 13/at Florida/6:05 p.m./Turner South

Sept. 14/at Florida/1:35 p.m./TBS

Sept. 15/at Montreal/7:05 p.m./Turner South

Sept. 16/at Montreal/7:05 p.m./Turner South

Sept. 17/at Montreal/5:05 p.m./Fox Sports Net

Sept. 19/vs. Florida/7:35 p.m./Turner South

Sept. 20/vs. Florida/7:05 p.m./Turner South

Sept. 21/vs. Florida/1:05 p.m./TBS

Sept. 22/vs. Florida/7:35 p.m./Turner South

Sept. 23/vs. Montreal/7:35 p.m./Turner South

Sept. 24/vs. Montreal/7:05 p.m./TBS

Sept. 26/at Philadelphia/7:05 p.m./Turner South

Sept. 27/at Philadelphia/7:05 p.m./No TV

Sept. 28/at Philadelphia/1:35 p.m./Turner South

* Scheduled for San Juan, Puerto Rico

-Game times and channels are subject to change


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