Originally created 03/29/03

Man faces charges in minister shooting

COMMERCE, Ga. - A north Georgia minister was in an Atlanta hospital Thursday after being shot him in the face when one of his congregants found his wife and the minister having an affair, police said.

"He had suspected his wife was having an extramarital affair and said he was looking for solid evidence," said Detective Chad Knight of the Commerce Police Department.

Steve Anderson, 49, left his home Wednesday morning but hid his car a short distance away and walked home, according to Detective Knight.

He hid in the trunk of his wife's car, Detective Knight said, while Vivian Anderson drove to another location and picked up 57-year-old Willie Frank Pattman, the minister of the church where the couple also attended services.

Mr. Anderson - who had a trunk-opening device made at a local car dealer earlier in the week, according to Detective Knight - climbed out of the trunk, went into the house, and found his wife and the Rev. Pattman in the master bedroom.

"There are conflicting statements about whether a sexual act was taking place when the husband entered the house," Detective Knight said.

Mr. Anderson allegedly shot the Rev. Pattman under the left eye, police said.

Mr. Anderson has been charged with aggravated battery and aggravated assault, police said.


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