Recent books by journalist Bob Woodward and former White House speechwriter David Frum suggest that the terrorist strikes on New York and Washington transformed President Bush and gave a focus to his administration. Michael Lind forcefully denies this.
Robert B. Parker and his fictional private eye, Spenser, have been seeing plenty of 30s lately.
GET LISTED: Send your event or group's schedule, pricing and other information to Steven Uhles, The Augusta Chronicle, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903-1928. Send information by fax to 722-7403. Send e-mail to Please include a contact name and phone number.

Arts calendar

Our age shows most in the faces of old friends
SANTA FE, N.M. -- Believers in space aliens, rejoice!
PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox calls the last week of spring training "the nervous days."
KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Donzell McDonald is used to the strange looks and the jokes. After all, he's a baseball player wearing No. 76.

Hampton solid in latest start
PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - New York Mets pitcher Tom Glavine laughed at a report that he's unhappy with his new team.

Players await Cox's decision

Glavine enjoys new life with Mets
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - It was worth waiting five weeks, Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox said, to see Mike Hampton offer his best performance of the spring.
Q: I collect airline frequent-flier miles, including some with a credit card that offers miles for my charges. But with all the turmoil in the industry - reduced flight schedules, slashed capacity on many routes and carrier bankruptcies - are such miles still very valuable?
NEW YORK -- The start of war has spurred many U.S. companies to tighten office and plant security, curtail employee travel, cancel conferences and review backup systems.
When community leaders and the media talk about economic development, should small-business owners be listening?
Bob Thurston has been appointed as area manager of Regent Security's newly opened office in Columbus, Ga. Mr. Thurston has 24 years of experience and was previously employed by Procter & Gamble and Weyerhauser.
NEW YORK - Money is a part of everyday life, but very few people - especially parents - are comfortable talking about it.
Glossophobia runs rampant in America.
Tuesday: Writing a business plan; Small Business Development Center, 1054 Claussen Road; 6:30-8:30 p.m.; $35; 737-1790.
NEW YORK -- Wall Street rallied in step with the escalating war on Iraq Friday, lifting the Dow Jones industrials 235 points to their strongest weekly gain in more than two decades.
EMPLOYER SPOTLIGHT: Busby's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Pass Medicare reform

Acts of faith
You have to really be a believer to believe the extent of Lyn Hyde's faith.

Show them Augusta
Augusta businesses that cater to the Masters are trying to determine how much business might be off due to expected protests next month. And government officials are spending time and money planning to accommodate the protesters with, we might add, varying levels of appreciation by the protest organizers.

Pass child protection
The Georgia General Assembly will soon be entering its final hectic days when a lot of legislation - except for the budget - falls through the cracks. So this is the time for lawmakers to begin separating the wheat from the chaff, passing the best bills and letting the others die or be held over until next year.
Believe it or not, there's more going on in Washington than the Iraqi crisis. Recently President Bush unveiled his long-awaited Medicare reform package - and it's a doozy.
For nearly two months, I've carefully weighed all the Academy Award variables, comparing voting history against nominee appeal against reviews against blind intuition.
The Augusta Chronicle's annual Oscar contest brought out more than 120 Academy prognosticators to compete for a mystery movie prize package, $100, their name in lights, the Lite-Brite used to write their name in lights and the opportunity to pick five movies for an upcoming Reel Releases column in The Chronicle.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A chorus of cheers filled the Cornerstone Church's arena-style sanctuary as Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey snapped a pair of metal scissors.
NEW YORK - Just swipe the card at the checkout register and get a discount on tomatoes, toothpaste or whatever the specials are. You save money, and the store builds a record that lets it know how to serve its best customers.
NEW YORK - Stung by a three-year bear market, many investors are turning to mutual funds that promise they won't lose money. But financial advisers caution the principal-protected funds are loaded with expenses and restrictions that could unduly hurt returns.
NEW YORK - A few days each week, Jody Maxfield and two or three co-workers grab sandwiches and sodas and gather at a table in an office cubicle to share lunchtime conversation - and worries about the future.
COLUMBIA, S.C. - Denny's restaurant - long famous for its speedy Grand Slam with eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes - is branching out into gourmet territory.
ATLANTA - Football is a whole lot easier for Damarius Bilbo this spring. At least his understanding is a whole lot better.
ATLANTA --Steven Blackwood hit a grand slam and drove in six runs as Georgia Tech unleashed an 18-hit attack and scored in every inning to complete a three-game sweep of Maryland 20-6 on Sunday.
Ishma'il Muhammad has never lacked confidence.

Georgia Tech tries to simplify offense

Hard work has paid off for Muhammad, Jackets
ORLANDO, Fla. - Arnold Palmer said goodbye to the Masters Tournament last year, but there's nothing that says he can't say goodbye all over again.
ORLANDO, Fla. -- The gallery crammed behind the ropes from tee to green on the opening hole, the enthusiasm at full throttle over the prospect of a showdown between Tiger Woods and Ernie Els.
PHOENIX - Annika Sorenstam's new year is already starting to look a lot like her old one.

Pair of eagles push Pak's win
STATESBORO, Ga. - Wake Forest did what Augusta State couldn't: put three good rounds together.
ORLANDO, Fla. - Tiger Woods barely had enough strength late Sunday afternoon to slip on the dark-blue blazer that goes to the Bay Hill Invitational winner.

Augusta State fails to defend E-Z-GO title
PHOENIX - Se Ri Pak needed a big start to beat Annika Sorenstam, and she got it with a pair of front nine eagles. On a course where birdies came in bunches, though, it took a scrambling par to clinch her win.
SANTO DA SERRA, Madeira Islands -- Bradley Dredge of Wales won his first European tour title Sunday, capturing the Madeira Island Open by eight strokes.
AN NASIRIYAH, Iraq -- U.S.-led forces suffered their worst casualties of the war Sunday in two bloody battles near An Nasiriyah that raged for hours before Iraqi resistance was vanquished. Marines said they would move around the city rather than march through it on the road to Baghdad.
NEW YORK -- A day after massive anti-war rallies attracted thousands across the nation - including more than 100,000 people in a march down Broadway - hundreds of people gathered in Times Square and other cities Sunday to show support for the war in Iraq.
Edging closer to Iraq's hard-core defenders, U.S. and British forces besieged the southern city of Basra on Saturday and rolled to within 150 miles of Baghdad. Diplomatic complications closed off the option of a heavy invasion from the north.
WASHINGTON -- American forces have crossed the Euphrates River and made their way 150 miles into Iraq, halfway to Baghdad, the Pentagon said Saturday.
ABOARD THE USS KITTY HAWK -- Peering down at the battlefield from his F/A-18 Hornet, Lt. John Allison scans the ground for a single small blast, a signal from U.S. troops on the ground pointing out an Iraqi artillery post.
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Strong explosions shook the Iraqi capital after sunset Saturday, the latest in the daily dose of aerial bombardment by U.S.-led forces. The Iraqi regime asserted battle successes and maintained Saddam Hussein and his sons had "the aggression" in hand.
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. military is moving quickly to interrogate more than 2,000 Iraqi POWs - including two generals - for information about the location of chemical and biological weapons.
WASHINGTON -- U.S. military leaders said Sunday they expect fighting in Iraq to intensify as coalition forces advance toward Baghdad, facing increased resistance from Saddam Hussein's troops and their possible use of chemical or biological weapons.
WASHINGTON -- U.S. forces on Sunday pressed to find the first cache of Saddam Hussein's chemical and biological weapons, seizing a suspected chemical factory in southern Iraq and checking other sites based on leads from captured Iraqis and documents.
Allied forces confronted a shaken but combative foe in their advance through southern Iraq on Sunday, suffering more combat deaths and the first U.S. prisoners of war. They declared the invasion on target but it was increasingly bloody for the coalition.
FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. -- In the middle of the night, after three hours of fitful sleep, they sit transfixed before the television glowing in their den. As Hashim Al-Tawil and his wife watch the skies on fire in Iraq, they're haunted by one thought: Their families are trapped there.
CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar -- A U.S. Patriot missile battery shot down a British fighter plane Sunday near the Iraqi border with Kuwait, killing the two fliers on board, the British military said.
WASHINGTON -- Specially trained paramilitary guerrillas and Saddam Hussein's security forces are leading the stiffest resistance to the U.S.-led invasion, trying to keep Iraqi soldiers from surrendering and organizing battlefield tricks that have inflicted casualties, U.S. and British officials said Sunday.
KUWAIT CITY -- A U.S. soldier most likely acted out of resentment Sunday when he threw grenades into tents at a 101st Airborne Division command center, killing a fellow serviceman, an Army spokesman said.
WASHINGTON -- The State Department protested Sunday that Russian companies sold sensitive military equipment to Iraq in the run-up to U.S.-led war against Saddam Hussein's regime.
- Coalition forces pounded Baghdad with impunity in the first daylight air raids of the war. American forces have progressed 150 miles into Iraq, halfway to Baghdad, and American ships and warplanes have launched 500 cruise missiles and several hundred precision weapons on Iraq over the past day, the Pentagon said Saturday.
WASHINGTON -- President Bush demanded Sunday that American troops held captive in Iraq be treated humanely, warning that Iraqis who do otherwise will be punished as war criminals.
DOHA, Qatar -- Looking by turns frightened or stoical, five captured U.S. soldiers were thrust in front of an Iraqi TV microphone and peppered with questions Sunday. The footage also showed at least four bodies.
Text of President Bush's remarks Sunday on the war in Iraq. He spoke to reporters upon returning to the White House from Camp David. The transcription was provided by the White House:
WASHINGTON -- The strategy of a "shock and awe" air war will have worked if the Iraqis surrender Baghdad without a fight, the author who helped coin the expression to describe the U.S.-led campaign in Iraq said Saturday.
WASHINGTON -- War has brought little change to the regulated, by-the-numbers life of President Bush.
An old friend dropped by the newsroom Friday.It was an unexpected meeting, and we greeted each other with good-natured surprise.
An Army sergeant being detained on suspicion of throwing a grenade that killed one soldier and wounded 15 others received some training at Fort Gordon, an installation spokeswoman said.
I write regarding an issue of great concern to me - upcoming pension reform legislation. Amanda R. Lang, Augusta
Recently I saw downtown Augusta through the eyes of visitors to the city. I left that experience with a deep appreciation for what Augusta leaders have done in revitalizing downtown. Carlene Murphy, Augusta
This whole argument about the Masters Tournament and the women's demonstration is tiresome and was unnecessary. When Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Hootie Johnson got the letter from the National Council of Women's Organizations Chairwoman Martha Burk, he should have either tossed it or sent her a note saying "good idea, we'll think it over." Instead, he sends her an in-your-face challenge through the press. This is perfect. Now she has a public issue she can play on and on. She doesn't want to just demonstrate; she wants television cameras, and they will be there at the end of Magnolia Lane. James M. Stone, Aiken, S.C.
I agree with the articles in The Augusta Chronicle regarding Jody Rowland. If Aiken County residents are against crime, they will vote for Mr. Rowland to be sheriff. Michael Garner, Aiken, S.C.
The Aiken County Association of Fire Chiefs publicly endorsed Mike Hunt for sheriff of Aiken County on March 5. One might ask, what is the link between the association of fire chiefs and a sheriff's candidate? Mark Key, New Ellenton, S.C.
We want to add our support for Jody Rowland to be elected the next sheriff of Aiken County. I am sure all the candidates truly want to be sheriff, but higher education, experience, qualifications and proven leadership rank Jody Rowland the superior choice to hold such an honorable office. We do not want to let campaign promises that are not obtainable without exorbitant tax increases "muddy" the water. Sheran and Tom Proctor, North Augusta, S.C.
Once again U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., has shown his true colors. Willis Clifton, Martinez, Ga.
Two recent events have helped me decide for whom I will vote in the Aiken County sheriff's race. The first was Mike Hunt's admission in a recent newspaper story that he and his campaign are working with the Irish Travelers. Douglas E. Morris, North Augusta, S.C.
If the allegations that we have heard involving the University of Georgia basketball program are true, firing assistant Coach Jim Harrick Jr. was the right thing to do. As the head coach of the basketball team, it is the responsibility of his father, Jim Harrick Sr., to know what is going on with his players, and his suspension was also justified. Jack Liebowitz, Augusta
I've known both of the Republican candidates for Aiken County sheriff for well over 20 years. During this time, including my 13 years as the Jackson chief of police, I've had an opportunity to assess their strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, Lt. Mike Hunt of the Aiken Department of Public Safety is the best candidate. Dennis N. Rushton, Jackson, S.C.
This letter is in support of Mike Hunt, a Republican candidate for sheriff of Aiken County. Mike Hunt is a fine Christian man who exhibits qualities needed to be sheriff. Elizabeth B. Barranco, North Augusta, S.C.
When I consider a candidate for Aiken County sheriff, I look at moral character and relevant education and experience. I don't know all the candidates personally; they all appear to have some of these traits. Brent Rankin, North Augusta, S.C.
On March 25 we have a choice of voting for the next sheriff of Aiken County. Having lived here for the last 50 years, and Aiken having been so good to me, I would like to make a contribution to all citizens of Aiken County, and all persons passing through Aiken, by casting my vote for Michael Hunt to be our next sheriff of Aiken County. Joe B. Babb, Aiken, S.C.
On March 25 residents of Aiken County have the opportunity to vote for Jody Rowland for sheriff in the Republican primary. Henry E. Holley, Aiken, S.C.
The carpetbaggers are back, except they are now called the National Council of Women's Organizations. They are armed with laws they have gotten passed and legal attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union to threaten businesses with needless lawsuits, and a preacher to make it sound right. The Rev. Grady Brown, Augusta
As busy as President George W. Bush is, he has already gotten back with me regarding a letter I wrote to him about my organization, The America's Dialysis, Diabetic, Senior Citizen Club. Jimmie W. Barton, Langley, S.C.

Home front

In the know

Discreetly dispose of sweetener packets
Sondra Ramsey of Evans is a true "foodie." "I like to cook, and I like to eat," she said.
Roy Kirkland had buying an antebellum home in mind while surfing the Internet about four years ago.
If you use fresh herbs in your cooking, but don't like having to throw away the leftovers, Gard'n Fresh has the solution.
After the Academy Award presenters rip open the envelopes containing the names of the winners tonight, they'll go backstage and find sealed envelopes of their own buried in the traditional goody baskets waiting for them. Each envelope will hold a gift certificate for a piece of furniture named after an earlier Oscar winner: an $840 leather side table from Thomasville Furniture's new Bogart Collection.
Dear Carson: I have a table etiquette question. Most restaurants have their sweeteners, including sugar, in paper packets. What do you do with the empty paper packets? It always looks so messy just laying on the table and most of the time the waiters and waitresses neglect to pick them up. - Paper Piles


ECHL honors past in face of future
It's all about the future these days in the East Coast Hockey League.
Led by former Lynx goalie Colin Zulianello, who posted consecutive shutouts last week, the Charlotte Checkers are on a 9-0-1 run to climb into a tie for second in the Northwest Division. The Checkers were stuck in sixth place in mid-February. Zulianello, who was 6-10-1 with a 3.50 goals-against average for the Lynx, is 5-1-1, 2.21 for the Checkers.

Lynx gain more ground
A case of cold beer was delivered to the Augusta Lynx dressing room for a job well done Saturday night.
AIKEN - It was custom vs. comfort Saturday at Aiken's biggest meet-and-greet.
Rain didn't seem to rattle the police academy recruits who were kneeling on wet pavement and showing how to perform a felony traffic stop.
A teenage mother was arrested Sunday after doctors told police that her sick baby had methamphetamines in her system, authorities said.
MARCH 23, 1913 Finding diplomacy and friendly conferences avail nothing, the Evangelical Ministers Association announced today that the association would ask for the indictment of every owner of a moving-picture house opening the doors to the public Sunday.
As a third-grade teacher, Connie Adams was known for sending problem pupils to timeout. These days, the retiree is known for her motivating ministry to inmates inside the Richmond County jail.

Capitol sets vote on fiscal measure
MARCH 24, 1923 Preparations are under way to put on an extensive fly campaign in Augusta - a campaign that will make the city practically free of flies.

Across Georgia
AIKEN - Even after an apology, one member of the South Carolina House would like to see some action from the Dixie Chicks.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -Storm runoff from last week's steady rain has caused several rivers in North Carolina to rise above flood stage and might have led to at least one death, officials said.
Today's subscriber of the day is C.D. Nelson of Evans.

Across Georgia
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Higher education officials hope a new partnership to study health could represent a watershed moment in relations between the University of South Carolina and the state's historically black colleges.

Across the southeast
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- In churches across the state Sunday, congregations discussed the need for war in Iraq and prayed for troops involved in the conflict.

Across South Carolina
ATLANTA -- Some black Democrats say their party leaders - including some black legislators - have ignored key minority issues this year and forgotten some of the most loyal Democratic voters in Georgia.

Activists fight bill on water transfers
ATLANTA -- Government workers and history buffs are trying to find Georgia's 2,000 roadside historical markers, some of which have disappeared or been damaged.

Teen mom's baby ingests meth
Residents in the Chukker Creek Farms neighborhood are anxiously awaiting Tuesday's unveiling of the preferred route for a connector between Whiskey and Silver Bluff roads.
ATLANTA - With the war in Iraq capturing the attention of the nation, Gov. Sonny Perdue's campaign promise to hold a vote on the state flag is expected to begin moving through the General Assembly this week.
An Augusta man who saw his stolen truck being driven on Bobby Jones Expressway late Saturday helped police nab the suspect, according to authorities.
SPARTANBURG -A man already in jail after being accused of killing an Upstate woman last month has been charged with murder in the death of a librarian last September.
The primary election for Aiken County sheriff will be Tuesday. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
BARTOW, Fla. -An inmate facing kidnapping and other charges escaped from jail by posing as his cellmate, who was due to be released after posting $50,000 bail.
Sunshine, skateboarders, vendors, music and arts and crafts.
AIKEN - Anti-nuclear activists know that meetings this week might be the last opportunity to stop construction of a proposed mixed-oxide fuel production facility at Savannah River Site.
This time next year, Laney-Walker Boulevard will have the attractive landscaping of downtown's Greene Street and decorative streetlights like those that line Reynolds Street at Riverwalk Augusta.
CAMP VIPER, Iraq - Augusta's 319th Transportation Company crossed the Iraqi border in darkness early today, arriving at a new camp on a cold morning in an area that apparently has seen little combat.
Comments from readers:

Activists fight bill on water transfers
ATLANTA - The Georgia General Assembly might get to have it both ways when lawmakers vote today on Gov. Sonny Perdue's midyear budget request.

Church holds peace vigil
ATLANTA - It's easy to miss Entrenchment Creek.

Blacks' power in Aiken at risk

GOP has edge in sheriff's race

Detained 101st sergeant trained at Fort Gordon

All things 'Georgia' are shown in collage
CAMP VIPER, Iraq - Sgt. 1st Class Jonathan Fields parked his Humvee on a strip of asphalt and sat waiting for two Marine Chinook helicopters to move out ahead of him.

House demands Chicks apology

Across the southeast

Rants and raves
Comments from readers:

Across the area
An Augusta man told deputies he was attacked by a man with a shovel. He was recovering Saturday.

Rants and Raves
THIS IS A RANT for all those out there who won't stand up for President Bush. He is doing a great job and deserves America's support.
The push to protect the two minority-held seats on the Aiken City Council could weaken the political clout of blacks across the city by creating a new, Republican-held district controlled by someone with less reason to listen to their concerns, political observers said.

MOX debate continues
MACON -A man was shot to death and his friend was beaten with a gun as they got out of a car, police said Saturday.

Augusta's 319th takes big step into Iraq
Lawrence L. Whisnant of Augusta is today's subscriber of the day.

Across the area
ST. MARYS, Ga. - Rick Vanderpool has Georgia on his mind - along with Texas, Florida and the remaining 47 states. But for now, Georgia is Mr. Vanderpool's focus.
A chartered bus revved its engine Saturday morning outside the U.S. Army Reserve Center at Fort Gordon.
ATHENS -Three men have been arrested in a shooting spree that followed the death of a 20-year-old man.
The Rev. Mark Deaton said he believes that in order for nations such as Iraq and America to be at peace, religions and their worshippers must also be at peace.
EASLEY -A Pickens County man has been charged in the shooting deaths of his wife and son.
ATLANTA - It's easy to miss Entrenchment Creek.
THIS IS A RANT for all those out there who won't stand up for President Bush. He is doing a great job and deserves America's support.
On Saturday, the Sacred Heart Cultural Center contained something it has never had before - a reflecting pool in the center aisle.
ORLANDO, Fla. - In the grand tradition of knee-jerk reactions, let me be the first to declare golf's newest rivalry.
ORLANDO, Fla. - Muhammad Ali had his "Rope-a-dope." Steve Spurrier operated the "Fun 'n Gun." Tiger Woods has introduced a whole new strategy for success.
LOS ANGELES -- "Chicago" led the Academy Awards with six trophies, including best picture, at a ceremony Sunday that allowed Hollywood to exalt itself while muting the Oscar pageantry because of the U.S.-led war on Iraq.
LOS ANGELES -- Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins drew the loudest cheers when they flashed matching peace signs after exiting their gasoline-electric hybrid car on Hollywood Boulevard at Sunday's Oscars.
BRISTOL, Tenn. - The only dent on Kurt Busch's car Sunday was on the rear bumper. Compared to everyone else at the Food City 500, his Sharpie Ford was in mint condition.
BRISTOL, Tenn. -- Kurt Busch didn't need any bumping, banging or late-race dramatics. Good clean racing and a little luck was all it took to get him back into Bristol's winner's circle.

Gordon gravitates toward wrecks
BRISTOL, Tenn. - Kurt Busch talked of all the crashes he saw Sunday during the Food City 500 when something struck him: Just about every one he was around involved Robby Gordon.
BRISTOL, Tenn. - Based on time trials, nobody has a chance to catch Ryan Newman in today's Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway.
SEPANG, Malaysia -- Now Kimi Raikkonen has a Formula One victory this season, joining David Coulthard. And Michael Schumacher? The five-time world champion has yet to contend.

Survival is key for Bristol race

Busch steers clear, gets victory
TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- A small civilian airplane crashed Saturday during an air show, killing its pilot. No one on the ground was injured.
DENVER -- For the first time since a sexual assault scandal broke within the Air Force Academy, civilian authorities are investigating an allegation, a prosecutor said Saturday.
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Michael Jordan hopes his latest criticism of his teammates will be enough to fuel the Washington Wizards through their key road trip.
ATLANTA -- Was it a block or was it a foul?
With viewers drawn to war coverage, the first two nights of the NCAA Tournament had TV audiences roughly a quarter smaller than last year.
TAMPA, Fla. -- Michigan State lost the hotshot guard to Florida, but that's where the losing stopped.
STORRS, Conn. -- Connecticut looked unbeatable again, roaring back from its first loss in two years with a rout of Boston University.
Butler is this year's tournament darling. The 12th-seeded Bulldogs advanced to the round of 16 for the first time in school history with a 79-71 stunner over Rick Pitino and fourth-seeded Louisville on Sunday.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Rick Majerus still reminisces about the hug from Ashley Judd. Ahh.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- When it comes to making impressive drives at the NCAA tournament, it's hard to top the Cornette family.
SALT LAKE CITY - Those ever-lovin' Zags almost did it again, this time in a double-overtime thriller against top-seeded Arizona.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- A team of blue-collar kids with crew cuts from a tiny Indiana school beat a powerhouse in the big tournament.
A year after not even being invited to the NCAA tournament, the Butler Bulldogs are all the rage.
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Mrs. Lillian Widener (SWANSEA, S.C.)

Mrs. Lillian Hooper (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Sgt. Arthur Becton Sr. (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Harold Hensley Sr. (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Mary Woods-Smith (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Leroy Mims Jr. (GRANITEVILLE, S.C.)

Mrs. Agnes Edney (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Marie Conger (PENFIELD, Ga.)

Mr. Foster Key Sr. (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mrs. Sara Segars (THOMSON, Ga.)

Mr. Malcolm Fanning (WASHINGTON, Ga.)

Mrs. Faye Gladden (WILLISTON, S.C.)

Mr. Herbert ONeal Sr. (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Josephine Colbert (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Jeanette Shelton (BEECH ISLAND, S.C.)

Mr. Lance Lanier (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Sara Segars (THOMSON, Ga.)

Mr. Foster Key Sr. (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mrs. Betty Futch (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Mary Cobb (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mr. Harold Hensley Sr. (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Miss Martha Harrison (THOMSON, Ga.)

Mrs. Carrie Nabritt-Williams (BROOKLYN, N.Y.)

Mr. Alex Mayes Jr. (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Dea. Daniel Lewis (AIKEN)

Mrs. Arena Stanley (LOUISVILLE, Ga.)

Mr. Grover Kennedy Jr. (BLACKVILLE, S.C.)

Mrs. Lillian Hooper (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mrs. Carol Huckabone (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Maj. John DeLeeuw Jr. (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mrs. Katherine Gorman (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mrs. Virginia Sharo (BLYTHE, Ga.)

Mr. Robert Murray Sr. (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Lynwood Harvey (ALBANY, Ga.)

Mrs. Ora Holmes (WAYNESBORO, Ga.)

Mr. Terry Perdue (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mr. Leroy Mims Jr. (GRANITEVILLE, S.C.)

Miss Martha Harrison (THOMSON, Ga.)

Mrs. Ruby Hutto (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. William Marcho (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mr. Ed Ritchie Jr. (EHRHARDT, S.C.)

Mrs. Louise Williams (WILLISTON, S.C.)

Mr. Charles Lokey Jr. (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mrs. Sarah Middleton (EHRHARDT, S.C.)

Mr. Alex Mayes Jr. (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mr. Willie Dallas (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Josephine Colbert (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Lura Stewart (JACKSON, S.C.)

Maj. John DeLeeuw Jr. (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mrs. Mary Reese (NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C.)

Mrs. Ora Holmes (WAYNESBORO, Ga.)

Mrs. Margie Scott (ALEXANDER, Ga.)

Mrs. Mary Reese (NORTH AUGUSTA, Ga.)

Mrs. Billie Reid (WASHINGTON, Ga.)

Mr. Jack Moore (AIKEN, S.C.)

Mrs. Lura Stewart (JACKSON, S.C.)



Area sports announcments
Friday, May 16-Sunday, May 18: The 14th annual Southeastern Traditional Championships at Robin Hood Archery Club in Elberton, Ga. For more information, call John Hood at (706) 746-9987.
USC Aiken stranded eight runners on base and managed only one run in a 5-1 loss to USC Spartanburg Sunday at J.H. Satcher Field.
The war in Iraq reverberated across sports this weekend, from marathoners in Washington to national anthems at NHL games to military updates during TV coverage of the NCAA tournament.
AIKEN - To say Rob Massey's horse didn't have a snowball's chance to win the featured race at the Aiken Spring Steeplechase would be somewhat of a stretch.
Freshman Micah Owings homered and drove in four runs, and Eric Patterson had three hits and three RBI to lead Georgia Tech (19-2, 2-0) to a 12-4 victory over Maryland on Saturday in Atlanta.
KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. - Andre Agassi earned the victory. Michael Chang settled for a curtain call.
A 14-year-old moratorium on striped bass fishing in the Savannah River could be reconsidered as early as next year, according to the marine fisheries director for Georgia's Coastal Resources Division.
Last year, 42,000 Georgia hunters harvested more than 27,000 gobblers.

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Joseph Mole of Louisville, Ga., vanquished competitors from across the country last weekend to win the 2003 U.S. Open Turkey Call Championship in Atlanta.
A 14-year-old moratorium on striped bass fishing in the Savannah River could be reconsidered as early as next year, according to the marine fisheries director for Georgia's Coastal Resources Division.
Although the Glenn Hills girls basketball team lost in the Georgia Class AAAA state semifinals this season, that apparently didn't take any of the luster off senior guard Marian Whitfield.

At worst, Woods is better than most

Faxon presses on as Els fades away at Bay Hill
NEW YORK -- To Annemarie Cooke, the world looks somewhat like an Impressionist painting. Details and colors are washed out, and anything beyond arm's length is almost impossible to make out.
SEATTLE -- Parents, take note. Microsoft Corp. thinks it just may understand your teenagers.
NEW YORK -- Vivian Schiller makes it her mantra: "We are not a news network."
NEW YORK -- "The Sopranos" star James Gandolfini has dropped his lawsuit against HBO, resolving a contentious salary dispute that threatened the future of the Emmy-winning television series.

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Georgia women easily advance
ATHENS, Ga. -- Size matters, or does it?
ATHENS, Ga. - University of Georgia officials are looking into further allegations of improprieties in the men's basketball program, this time involving a high school recruit.
ATHENS, Ga. - Jessica Pierce's mother would have been proud.
ATHENS, Ga. -- Matt Liuzza broke a 2-2 tie with a leadoff home run in the ninth inning that carried LSU to a 3-2 victory over Georgia Sunday and a sweep of a three-game weekend series.
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Christina Ciocan spent most of the first half and a good deal of the second on the bench in foul trouble, so when she did get back into the game she made her remaining minutes count.
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Javi Herrera's grand slam in the bottom of the eighth Sunday afternoon gave Tennessee a 10-6 win against South Carolina and a sweep of the three-game series.


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