Originally created 03/19/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

I DON'T WATCH reality shows, but if CBS would send one of the Beverly Hills elite to live in the Southern hill country, I would pay to watch that.

A FEW DAYS ago a reader called our president "Cowboy Bush." I can see President Bush as the good guy in the white hat and Saddam as the bad guy in the black hat being the gunslinger. Having said that, my heroes have always been cowboys: The Lone Ranger, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, the Dallas Cowboys, and my favorite ... President George W. Bush.

I FIND IT interesting that a reader has been to hell and came back to tell us that there are no atheists there.

I AM SICK. First of all, I am sick to death of the groups that claim to speak for me. Second, this fight for females to join the National isn't about women's rights; it is about women wanting to be a part of a club that has been operated by men from the word go. Why would a woman want to be a member of a club that doesn't represent her presence?

OUR ECONOMY IS bad enough and to have Martha Burk and all the rest of them protest the Masters ... I think the citizens ought to run them all out of town. They are messing up our economy and we need the money.

THIS IS FOR the guy who said that thousands of men died for his right to protest. Well, my question is, was he fighting along side them? If not, he is an un-American.

PLEASE DON'T MOVE the Georgia Bank & Trust clock from Augusta Mall to downtown. If you do, we will never see its beauty again. Nobody goes down there. Please don't move it down there.

A RANT TO the lady who was appalled. Get it right. Antiwar is not necessarily anti-American.

IF RICHMOND COUNTY bans smoking in public places such as restaurants then I guess I will be eating at home more often, and so will a lot of other people. Places will lose business. It is a hassle to go outside just to smoke, and some places won't let you come back in if you leave. So boo to Richmond County on banning smoking in public places.


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