Originally created 03/18/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

WHILE OUR LOCAL fire chief is checking out the safety of nightclubs and Pam Tucker is trying to assess the damages from an unexpected tornado in Columbia County, we need to remember that every day we pack thousands of our children in portable classrooms that would become death traps in either a fire or a tornado. We cannot continue to be complacent about these unsafe portables even if they are hidden behind our schools out of sight.

I AM A Republican and proud to say I voted for Bush. It is irrelevant who our president is; the terrorists struck us first. Do not forget, this is a free country you can leave at any time. I say God bless our president, military and country.

I AM A 12-year-old Augusta girl and I don't understand why they let smokers smoke in restaurants. It is terrible for everyone else to get your second-hand smoke. Even if you're in the smoking section, we can still inhale your smoke.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND how so many of these stores train their clerks to ring up the purchases, take the money and give a receipt without ever looking at or speaking to the customer. Maybe I just miss the old days.

I WOULD LIKE to know when Richmond County is going to tighten up and build a sidewalk under the Bobby Jones Expressway and Wrightsboro bridge. People are always having to walk in dirt.

THIS IS A RANT for all the litterbugs who throw their trash out their car window. We recently moved to this area, and my family and I really enjoy living here. We think it is a great area. But my 5-year-old looked out the car window one day and said, "Mom, there is trash everywhere here." So, if a child notices it, it must be pretty bad.


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