Originally created 03/15/03

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

I HAVE ALWAYS loved Glynn Moore's column. Now I love Rich Everett's too. Thanks, guys, for two great columns.

THIS IS A RANT for the single mother of four who said the school should help feed her children and she doesn't have time to pack a lunch. If you don't have time for your children, maybe you should have had fewer children. It is not the school's responsibility to feed them.

THIS IS A RANT so I could possibly educate all my Christian Brothers and Sisters out there waving the so-called peace symbol. The symbols you wave actually represent Satan's domination over the crucifixion of Christ. Yes, the upside down broken cross within a circle is a satanic symbol. So the next time you're out there marching for peace, please march with the correct symbol. The symbol I speak of is the cross. When you do march, march that the Lord our God protect all our service members.

I HAVE A RANT for the Coliseum Authority. You say you want the Lynx to give up some Fridays and Saturdays? I say you are crazy. You have the whole summer to bring in shows, and there is never a show or concert. Do you think that taking a couple of Fridays and Saturdays away from the Lynx is going to attract the big names that you need? You need to learn from your past mistakes. You wanted to get pushy with the Arena Football team and look where that is ... not in Augusta. If the Lynx and the Authority can't come to terms and the Lynx leave Augusta, you can bet I will never spend another dime down there!


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