Originally created 03/15/03

Tired of editorials ridiculing PETA

Regarding your March 3 editorial, "PETA's intifada": As a proud member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, I am sick and tired of your constant ridicule of an organization that is deeply dedicated to improving the lives of millions of animals that we share this planet with.

Many are tortured in useless, sometimes duplicated scientific medical experiments, inhumanely treated, stuffed in overcrowded cages in commercial farming, locked in catches, deprived of food and beaten by trainers until they learn to perform in circuses for the enjoyment of our children.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk's letter, I am certain, was not intended to disregard human life. It was only meant to draw attention to the fact that an innocent donkey, that had no choice in the matter, was used to take human life and was blown to pieces in the process. What a dastardly deed!

I think many psychiatrists would agree that many psychopaths and serial killers have had a previous history of cruelty to animals.

While I am not agreeing with any loss of life, regardless of what political or religious fanatic believes caused their actions, what better way to rid society of some of these fanatics than to strap a bomb to their bodies, instead of that of an innocent animal that has no choice?

Lydia Shirley, Evans, Ga.


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