Originally created 03/15/03

Repealing Gail Hendrick Law bad idea

I understand a bill has been introduced to repeal the Gail Hendrick Law. This is an invitation to whomever introduced the bill to visit Gail. She will not know him, since she has known nothing or no one since she was savagely attacked in November of 1999 by a youth who, because of his young age, knew not the difference between right and wrong!

Gail was a most loving and kind person who devoted her life to helping others. She is a beautiful person, both inwardly and outwardly.

I am sure most of us knew it was wrong to hurt another person by the time we started school. If a child shows such savage tendencies, he should not be allowed to associate with others.

Gail is not the only one whose life has been destroyed. The lives of those who love her have also been destroyed. She received a life sentence, while her attacker received only a few years in "rehabilitation," where he has received food, clothing, shelter and recreation - courtesy of us taxpayers. When his sentence is up, he will be released to harm someone else.

The bill was enacted to try to protect others by hoping the young, as well as their parents, will realize that when a life is destroyed, the guilty must pay - and not by token punishment.

Mrs. Peter Hendrick, Augusta (Editor's note: The writer is Gail Hendrick's mother.)

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