Originally created 03/14/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

HOW DUMB ARE the American politicians if they are going to bomb Iraq, then build it back? Did the Muslims bomb the Twin Towers and the Pentagon? They are not stupid enough to do so. I think it is a slap in the face of every America who loses his life in this war for us to rebuild so much as a small cave.

THIS IS A RAVE for Lynn Johnson and her staff at Blue Ridge Preschool, which has just been recognized by the state as a center of distinction.

MARTHA BURK Makes me Urp;

Creature of Golf Friction;

Crying for Admission;

You do not Belong;

Give up and go Home.

ALL THESE PEOPLE protesting war with Iraq must think that mustard gas is something you get after you eat! Put your heads together people, there is a reason we are not all speaking German right now!

THE AUGUSTA Regional Airport needs to rebuild a new terminal in place of the old one only when airlines show interest in coming to Augusta and more passengers use the airport. Building a new midfield airfield is a complete waste due to our geographical location between Atlanta and Columbia. And it would also take away the possibility of more air shows, which could generate more into the Augusta area. The crossing runways, as it now stands, leaves the pilot the option of a headwind landing. Parallel runways are not needed here.

IN MY OPINION, the lack of nighttime lights on the new Oglethorpe statue is an invitation to vandals.

THIS IS A RANT for Martha Burk. Leave the Augusta National alone and do something important, like put a man in the Junior League!

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the person ranting about garbage containers left on the street. I am going through the process of losing my father to a dreaded disease. And if by chance my family's main priority is not to get the garbage can to the street, I hope this person will forgive me. God bless them for their compassion. When the Lord does take my dad, I am sure that the garbage can being on the street will be my No. 1 priority.


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