Originally created 03/14/03

Celebrating a milestone: a decade of motherhood

Wow! I have been a mother for 10 years! It seems impossible, yet at the same time completely natural. Little did I know that motherhood would redefine my life.

Back in 1993, I knew the baby I was carrying would change my life. (At least I thought I knew.) I was prepared for the change he'd bring to my household. I wasn't prepared for the way he would change my heart.

All through my pregnancy, my heart was set on having a little girl. I didn't really give much thought to the possibility of having a boy. I knew all about little girls, heck I'd been one myself! I was sure I'd be taking home a pink bundle from the hospital, whenever the time came.

Well, the time came and the doctor happily announced, "It's a boy!" Do WHAT?

I'll tell you what: they placed my little son in my arms, a tiny blue cap on his cone-shaped head, and it took about 20 seconds for me to get over that baby girl thing! In no time, I was falling completely in love with the idea of having a baby boy. A BOY!! I HAD A BOY!!

How quickly my perspective and my perceptions changed. I could hold him, rock him, and stare at him forever. He was such a perfect little miracle. He was so small, but I knew from the moment he first looked in my eyes that I'd learn big lessons from him.

As he grew, things I'd always taken for granted, like flipping a light switch, took on a magical quality. I'd hold him up where he could reach it, and watch his little eyes light up when he'd flip the toggle up and down. The moment a baby figures out a connection is a celebration, a validation of living and learning.

Everyone can see the physical changes a baby brings to a woman's body. But the real growth happens where people can't see it at a glance: it happens in your heart. I never knew I could love something like I loved that baby boy. And the biggest surprise was yet to come: as babies two and three arrived, I discovered that my heart just kept growing. I'd never realized before that our capacity to love just keeps expanding, like the ripple effect of skipping a stone on water.

In March 1993, eight pounds of baby boy changed my life forever... and most certainly changed my life for the better. Happy Birthday, my sweet Zack.

Let me give you a heads-up about tonight's MOM-TV segment. 10 years ago, the only wheels my boy had were those on his stroller, but these days he's got wheels on his skates, his scooter, his bike and his skateboard. Now there's a video for your extreme sports enthusiast about skateboarding. It teaches them how to do tricks they see pros like Tony Hawk do, which they'll love. But it also teaches them how to use safety gear, which YOU'LL love.

One important lesson, called knee slides, shows your skater how to take a fall (on kneepads, that is!) Instructor Mike Ogas is even a dad himself. Meet Mike tonight at 5 p.m. on WJBF NewsCHANNEL 6. You can get a preview of those "knee slides" by clicking on www.zerotohero.tv


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