Originally created 03/07/03

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

AM I THE ONLY one in the Augusta area appalled by all of these anti-American/anti-war protesters. I have some words of advice for all anti-war supporters in our area and our country: You need to thank God that you live in the United States and have the freedom to protest whatever you darn well please.

HOW COME ITis OK for an Edgefield County investigator to drive through Johnston at 50-60 mph, but if I drove that way, I would get a ticket. I think Sheriff Dobey needs to clean up his own back yard before he worries to much about the rest of us.

A RAVE FORUniversity of Georgia President Michael Adams' public acknowledgement over that school's basketball controversy. He said, "What matters is the integrity of the university and protecting the university's reputation." All area high schools should take note of that acknowledgment. A school's reputation is not based on winning the sports contests as much as it is the integrity of the participants and their coaches.

A RANT FOR friends who borrow money from you because of an emergency. The next week they show you all of the things they bought on a shopping spree expecting you to "ooh and ah" over their purchases, while in the back of your mind all you can think about is the money they owe you. Then the next week, your friend has another emergency and has the nerve to ask for more money.

I'M A AUGUSTA State University student, and I'm getting fed up with some professors who teach nothing but anti-America propaganda and say such things as, "Saddam Hussein is normal."

HAVE YOU RECEIVED your outrageous gas bill yet? Well, don't blame the gas companies. Blame your governor, Sonny Perdue, who introduced legislation to deregulate the price of natural gas. The worst is yet to come.

CHILDREN NOWADAYS are used to having exactly what they want to eat. Maybe they are not eating what is there simply because they don't like it. Maybe their mother needs to fix their lunch. Like they said, it is possible that someone is taking their money, but I think it is more probable that they aren't eating what is there.


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