Originally created 03/07/03

MOX article disappointing journalism

Your Feb. 25 news article ("Public gets news on MOX plant," 2B) on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed MOX (mixed-oxide fuel fabrication) plant at Savannah River Site does not give a balanced view of the adequacy of the statement, and is not a credit to your journalistic ability.

You quote only a few completely irrelevant observations by Tom Clements, a spokesman for Greenpeace International, and completely fail to address the issues and conclusions that are relevant to the impact a MOX plant will have on either the Central Savannah River Area or the national power production industry.

Tom Clements' reaction to any proposal related to an expansion of nuclear energy is predictable: He is against it. And that is his weakness: He cares not for the economic, political or humanistic aspects of a project; if it involves "nuclear," he is automatically against it, and his opinion is, thus, worthless and irrelevant.

A useful review of the EIS would examine the "impacts" detailed in the report and give a balanced technical evaluation of their effect on the community, and a reasoned comment on the technical merit of the proposed installation.

It could be obtained by contacting any of the local and national groups of recognized scientists in the field of nuclear energy who would be intellectually obligated to render a judgment defensible to their peers.

By not doing so, you have relegated the intellectual level of your review to that characterized as "yellow journalism" and found in copious quantities in grocery stores. I expected better from an organization such as yours. ...

L.A. Heinrich, Aiken, S.C.


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