Originally created 03/07/03

Cheeks stood up for a constituent - period

I believe Dr. Geoffrey E. King's Feb. 27 letter, "Was accused man really guilty?," concerning the Bobby Brassell Jr. case, sums up the situation better than anything else I have read. These are the same facts that Sen. Don Cheeks, R-Augusta, gave on the Austin Rhodes radio program one Friday. ... He told Mr. Rhodes when he heard he was the topic of the program that he swung by the station so he could tell his side of the story live on the air. I was in my automobile, and feel I was blessed to be able to hear him tell what happened as he knew it.

Don't we all want a representative who would do all he could to help us if we are unjustly being accused, or taken advantage of, in any situation?

My late husband, Nathan B. Brown, learned to size people up pretty thoroughly, as personnel work was a great part of his 40-plus years with the post office. He had the greatest respect and admiration for Mr. Cheeks, and though he voted Republican most of the time, he always voted for the man or woman who had strong conservative values over party label. He voted for Mr. Cheeks because he said Mr. Cheeks was consistently conservative, has strong family values and worked hard to represent the people he served.

But news media thrives on the sensational, whether it be the total truth or not. Mr. Cheeks has earned the respect of his community, and this whole thing has become tabloid material.

I do not know Bobby Brassell, and only God knows the whole truth about this matter.

Sarah R. Brown, Augusta


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