Originally created 03/07/03

Hunt demonstrates ability to be sheriff

On Feb. 24, the Aiken Republican Club held a forum between the two Republican candidates for sheriff. While both candidates were articulate and knowledgeable, I believe that Mike Hunt made the best overall presentation.

Mr. Hunt clearly demonstrated that he has both the education and experience necessary for the job. He has over 20 years of experience in public safety, has attended more than 200 specialized classes and has accumulated a staggering 4,700-plus classroom hours of training.

This phenomenal education has been put to the test in a wide variety of positions within the Aiken Department of Public Safety, ranging from investigations and patrol duties to supervision and management.

Mr. Hunt's plans to reform the sheriff's office are also on target. He wants to put more deputies on the beat, improve response time and provide better training for dispatch personnel. By streamlining the administration, Mr. Hunt believes he can improve service without putting additional strains on the taxpayers and the county budget.

Given his willingness to work with the Aiken County Council, I believe Mr. Hunt has a real chance to make meaningful reforms.

Finally, Mr. Hunt did a great job outlining his ideas on improving working relationships with the municipal police departments within Aiken County. In order to be successful, the various law-enforcement agencies must work as a team, which is a concept Mr. Hunt fully embraces.

Overall, Mike Hunt showed he has what it takes to be sheriff. I encourage Republican voters across Aiken County to vote for him in the March 25 Republican primary.

Pearlious Bledsoe, Graniteville, S.C.


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